Orlando City vs SJ Earthquakes Prediction June 23, 2021 – Asia Despatch

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Orlando City vs SJ Earthquakes Prediction June 23, 2021

AsiaDespatch.orgOrlando City will host SJ Earthquakes on week 10 of MSL United States 2020/21, Wednesday (23/6/21) at Exploria Stadium. As far as the Orlando City team goes, they were able to get positive things last weekend. Unlike the San Jose Earthquakes who couldn’t afford any better to get points.

  • Moving to a Prosperous Country

For a moment forgetting EURO 2020, it seems that Orlando City is still chasing its luck in the competition of the prosperous United States of America. Of the 27 participating clubs in the country, it seems that Orlando City is able to rank sixth.

This is quite remarkable even though they have only started the game less than 10 games. So far Orlando City is able to collect four wins, three draws and one loss.

So they were able to collect 15 points which is quite good. This match looks tight where the first place has only collected 6 wins.

Of course, the journey of Orlando City is still very long to continue to add to the coffers of points. Plus they did try to be a little consistent with their last victory when they visited Toronto FC headquarters.

In the last five games Orlando City is able to collect three wins, one loss and one draw. Their defeat was obtained when facing the ninth ranked team NY Red Bulls 2-1.

With these nicks, it appears that several lines of Orlando City will be repaired to maintain the stability of the team. Moreover, their weakness still lies in the defensive position.

Orlando City vs SJ Earthquakes Prediction June 23, 2021
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Of course, facing a lower team is not an easy matter. Even though their current opponent was still not lucky enough to add points.

But if you look at the opportunities, of course the midfield and front of Orlando City are quite capable of looking solid. This refers to a very dramatic final victory.

When facing Toronto FC, Orlando City used the same formation by installing one striker and three attacking midfielders and one false nine. Tesho Akindele is one of their bombers who is able to contribute well.

Orlando City was good enough to take advantage of the visitors’ negligence in the first minute. Oscar Pareja’s team was able to score two in the first minute and in the second minute.

Tesho Akindele was able to execute a good pass ball and the goal came in the first minute. Then their star player Luis Nani followed in the 8th minute.

But apparently their opponents are strong enough and able to reply to two goals within 30 minutes. Fortunately Mueller was able to shoot a mature pass and was able to be executed well by Junior Urso in the 84th minute.

The winning capital is one of the special jacks to get another victory.

  • Still Avoiding Adversity

So far the San Jose Earthquakes are still trying to bounce back after several weeks without a win. Moreover, in the past few weeks they have had successive defeats that have caused them to slump even more.

Fortunately SJ Earthquakes are still able to collect some wins. SJ Earthquakes now have just three wins, one draw and five defeats.

So the nicks save them a little from the bottom board. Now they are perched in 17th position with a score of 10 points.

Orlando City vs SJ Earthquakes Prediction June 23, 2021
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Luis Nani is still trying to raise the self-esteem of the team he is defending. So far his contribution is quite brilliant. The former Manchester United star player will certainly be very easy to face opponents who are slumped. This game is predictable casino online will won by Orlando City.

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Orlando City vs SJ Earthquakes Estimated Lineup:

(Orlando City) : P. Gallese; R. Jansson, Antonio Carlos, K. Smith, M. Halliday, M. Pereyra, Junior Urso, J. Méndez, A. Perea, T. Akindele, C. Mueller.

Manager: Ó. Partner.

(SJ Earthquakes) : J. Marcinkowski; F. Jungwirth, M. López, T. Beason, Judson, C. Espinoza, J. López, T. Thompson, E. Remedi, C. Cowell, C. Fierro.

Manager : M. Almeyda.

Here are the statistics for the two teams below:
  • H2H Orlando City vs SJ Earthquakes
01/09/19 MLS SJ Earthquakes 3-0 Orlando City
22/04/18 MLS Orlando City 3-2 SJ Earthquakes
18/05/17 MLS SJ Earthquakes 1-1 Orlando City
19/05/16 MLS Orlando City 2-2 SJ Earthquakes
25/05/15 MLS SJ Earthquakes 1-1 Orlando City
  • Orlando City’s Last 5 Games
20/06/21 MLS Toronto 2-3 Orlando City
30/05/21 MLS New York RB 2-1 Orlando City
23/05/21 MLS Orlando City 1-0 Toronto
17/05/21 MLS D.C. United 0-1 Orlando City
09/05/20 MLS Orlando City 1-1 New York City
  • SJ Earthquakes last 5 matches
20/06/21 MLS Austin 0-0 SJ Earthquakes
30/05/21 MLS LA Galaxy 1-0 SJ Earthquakes
23/05/21 MLS SJ Earthquakes 1-3 Sporting KC
16/05/21 MLS SJ Earthquakes 0-2 Portland Timbers
13/05/21 MLS SJ Earthquakes 0-1 Seattle Sounders

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