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  • Share – Event matches Concacaf Gold Cup which will take place this weekend will feature a fierce match in Group D. The meeting between the Panamanian national team and Honduras will be held at the BBVA Compass Stadium on Sunday (18/7) at 08.30 WIB. On this occasion, the Panamanian national team became the seed and the favorite to win three points.

Currently, Panama is in second place in Group D with only one point. The previous inaugural match was a pretty exciting performance from Panama when it managed to score three goals. Unfortunately, they drew in the first match against Qatar. Panama has only collected one point.

Meanwhile, Honduras, which is the leader of the group D standings, has managed to get its first three points. Facing Grenada in their inaugural match, they won by one score without reply. The match last week seemed to be a record that would secure their position in the next match.

Statistics of both teams, Honduras is still superior

It is estimated that in the match against Panama this time, Honduras still has a good record. From their performances through the qualifying rounds to the group stage, Honduras offered quite a captivating action at their back line. Honduras’ weakness is only seen on the attack side which can’t be said to be maximal.

From previous appearances, as many as two wins are an interesting record. Previously, Honduras had lost to Greece and the United States. In the next two matches, Honduras succeeded in winning over Costa Rica and Grenada. Only one match resulted in a draw when they met Mexico.

While the record presented by the Panamanian national team also made it possible for them to win three points in this match. Over the last five games, online soccer betting site recorded that Panama managed to secure two wins when they met with the Dominican Republic and Curacao. The other two matches, they drew against Curacao and Qatar last week.

In one last match, the Panamanian national team had to reap a bad record when it was defeated by Mexico. At that time, they were defeated by three goals without reply in the same event. Of course this is an important note for the coach, Christiansen Tarin. The coach must be able to provide improvements to his team before the match takes place.

Released Players

Seeing the condition of the players from the national team Panama, many of them have important roles. From the attack line alone, maximizing the name Blackburn seems to be the mainstay of coach Tarin. Not to mention, the 4-2-3-1 formation that was seeded last week will again lower the names of Barcenas, Quintero and Jose Rodriguez on the front lines.

The mainstay performance of the Panamanian midfield will be maximized by Cooper and Carrasquilla. The appearance of the two midfielders has proven a good pass for the Panama strikers in the previous match. From the heart of the defense will also be proven by the appearance of Cummings CS with goalkeeper Mejia under the crossbar.

While the condition of all the core Honduras squad can be maximized. The 4-2-3-1 formation seems to be used again by coach Coito Machado in this match. The formation lowered Bengtson’s name in the lone striker position. In midfield, there are the names of E. Solano, Lopez and Martinez.

From the defense line, the Honduras national team has prepared a performance from Crisanto et al who will be assisted by the role of goalkeeper Luis Lopez. The performance of the Honduras defense that is still in doubt seems to be a painful result for Coito Machado’s men.

Predicted Score Panama VS Honduras: 2 – 1.

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