Persebaya bends in the Trial Party, Persela Squad is still premature – Asia Despatch

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Persebaya bent in the trial party, Persela squad is still premature – Persela Lamongan is a team that currently has a lot of homework to do regarding preparations League 1. This is because the club that is the pride of the Lamongan residents has not yet been able to show an attractive appearance in various trials.

Recently, Joko Tingkir’s Laskar troops had undergone two trial matches against two East Java clubs at that time. But the results are still nil and not in line with the expectations of his supporters at this time. This club, the pride of the Lamongan residents, still looks very rushed and there is still a lot of homework to be done.

If Laskar Joko Tingkir’s team does not improve immediately, then it is not impossible when the team Joko Tingkir it’s hard to say much. So that more or less currently Iwan Setiawan as a coach still has at least a deadline of 1 month before Liga 1 will be held next July. In this case, like it or not, within one month Iwan Setiawan must be able to make the best use of it so that physically, strategy, tactics and readiness are all mature.

It seems that the first step that will be taken is to train and emphasize the adaptation of the foster children who are not yet united. So that it is hoped that in the future the relatively new players, both foreign and local, can quickly fit in.

Persela Swallows Bitter Pills During Trial

Some time ago, Joko Tingkir’s troops were finally able to try and challenge the Bajul Ijo troops at the Surajaya Stadium. In that match, Persela hoped that his team could improve after being beaten by Madura United previously.

Therefore, in the match against Persebaya, actually Persela want to achieve positive results. However, due to a lack of coordination and physical weakness, Persela had difficulty carrying out their strategy and lost 1-3. Iwan Setiawan as a coach, he is also very aware that his team still needs a lot of improvement regarding the cohesiveness and adaptation of players.

Not only that, Persela’s defense also lacked discipline, which Aji Santoso’s foster children made at that time. The transition from attack to defense carried out by Joko Tingkir’s troops seems still far from the coach’s expectations. Because the Persela players looked very nervous and couldn’t be comfortable when controlling the ball.

This condition is actually different from the visiting team, namely Bajul Ijo, who continues to be able to play attractively in the middle. In addition, Joko Tingkir’s Laskar troops are also still very weak in terms of the creativity of the midfielders after being left behind by several pillars.

Losing some of its pillars who have moved to other clubs makes it seem like Persela has to mix up their midfield from scratch. So that it seems enough to make the coach Iwan Setiawan quite difficult in its implementation.

Midfield condition Persela also exacerbated by the physical condition of foreign players who are not fully spartan after the holidays. Therefore, many think that Persela has difficulty scoring goals because the flow of the ball from the middle is not going well.

Persela Squad Still Premature

After the trial match against Persebaya After that, criticism and input seemed to be directed at Joko Tingkir’s squad. There are many who think that Persela must take advantage of this short time and focus on adapting the players.

The reason is that many people think that the Persela squad looks quite premature because of the lack of readiness. In this case, it seems that the coach will improve in the future in terms of teamwork so that the strategies implemented can work.

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