Pohang Steelers vs Ratchaburi Prediction 22 June 2021 – Asia Despatch

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Pohang Steelers vs Ratchaburi Prediction 22 June 2021

AsiaDespatch.orgPohang Steelers will host Ratchaburi in the first round of AFC Champions League Group G 2020/21, Tuesday (22/6/21) at Rajamangala National Stadium. The meeting between clubs from South Korea and Thailand will be very exciting. Where the two teams have their own characteristics to outperform each other.

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So far the Pohang Steelers are still running their local league agenda. And it seems they are able to run the local league well.

Even though this was the first round, their chance to appear consistent was huge. This can be seen from the results of their struggle in the last few matches.

Even though they are different castes, the last match can be used as a reference for how consistent they are to live this AFC. And it seems that Pohang Steelers has a pretty good capital.

They were able to have two good capitals when they picked up their wins in two different events. In undergoing K League 1 they were able to win 1-0 against Gwangju FC.

In addition, Pohang Steelers also collected their victory in the Korean FA Cup knockout competition. At that time the Pohang Steelers won big against Chungnam Asan 3-1.

This capital cannot be used as a significant reference. So this opening match will be a proving ground for them.

Pohang Steelers vs Ratchaburi Prediction 22 June 2021
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So far, the Pohang Steelers have never faced Ratchaburi. But when viewed from the player’s ability and also physically, it seems that Pohang Steelers is very strong and deserves to be a strong opponent.

This international match they earned with difficulty after Pohang Steelers tried to finish third last year. Pohang Steelers was able to win three K League 1 season 2020.

With this capital, it seems very appropriate that the Pohang Steelers are the group’s favorite team. But their credibility is certainly still not much visible.

The thing that really impressed me was when they had a top-flight battle in K League 1 against Suwon FC. Suwon FC is the top team in K League 1.

They are able to occupy the top three positions at this time. So that Pohang Steelers’ 4-3 victory against Suwon FC is one of the big capitals to live this AFC.

Especially in that match Pohang Steelers able to carve three goals in a row in 30 minutes. But unfortunately their defense system was not good so Suwon was able to reply to it by equalizing.

Fortunately in the 74th minute their players were able to perform brilliantly by utilizing tactical football. So at the end of the match they were able to win 4-3.

The important lesson is that the Pohang Steelers are still not stable enough to keep the win. Of course they still have to improve in midfield and at the back.

Unlike the Pohang Steelers, it seems that Ratchaburi has already had a full season in the local league. Unfortunately, their contribution in Thai League 1 was less than brilliant.

They are only able to occupy the 8th place of the 30 matches that have been rolling. Of course, they got this AFC Champions League seat from their luck last year.

So if they are not able to improve their position next year, they will definitely not be fighting again in this AFC.

Pohang Steelers vs Ratchaburi Prediction 22 June 2021
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It seems that both teams will deploy an equally hard strategy. But it looks like the Steelers are able to perform well with the few foreign players they have. This game is predictable online soccer betting site will be won by the Pohang Steelers.

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Pohang Steelers vs Ratchaburi Lineup Estimated:

(Pohang Steelers) : Kang Hyeon-Mu; Shin Kwang-Hoon, Gwon Wan-Gyu, Lee Gwang-Joon, Oh Beom-Seok, M. Kvesic, Sin Jin-Ho, Kang Sang-Woo, Song Min-Kyu, Lim Sang-Hyub, M. Palacios.

Manager: Kim Gi-Dong.

(Ratchaburi) : K. Pathom-attakul; Lee Jae-Sung, P. Roller, L. Woodland, P. Sueasakul, K. Chiamudom, T. Sujarit, K. Srisuwan, S. Langil, S. Kannoo, N. Noomchansakool.

Manager : S. Yensai.

Here are the statistics for the two teams below:
  • H2H Pohang Steelers vs Ratchaburi


  • Pohang Steelers’ last 5 matches
30/05/21 KL1 Pohang Steelers 1-0 Gwangju
26/05/21 DO Chungnam Asan 1-3 Pohang Steelers
22/05/21 KL1 Ulsan 1-0 Pohang Steelers
18/05/21 KL1 Suwon 3-4 Pohang Steelers
11/05/21 KL1 Incheon Unitedy 1-1 Pohang Steelers
  • Ratchaburi’s Last 5 Games
03/04/21 DO Bangkok United 2-1 Ratchaburi
28/03/21 TL1 Trat 2-2 Ratchaburi
20/03/21 TL1 BG Pathum United 2-0 Ratchaburi
17/03/21 TL1 Ratchaburi 0-0 Port
14/03/21 TL1 Ratchaburi 1-0 Suphanburi

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