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Portugal vs Germany Prediction June 19, 2021

AsiaDespatch.orgPortugal will face Germany in the 2nd round of EURO 2020 group F zone 2020/21, Saturday (19/6/21) in Allianz Arena Stadium. Being able to get a point in the first round made a big advantage for the Portuguese national team. Meanwhile, if Germany suffered another defeat then his fate would continue to worsen.

Being able to win big in the 1st round made Cristiano Ronaldo not able to sleep well. Because now they will face one of the strongest teams on the European continent.

Indeed, basically the victory over the Hungarian national team is a good step. Moreover, fortunately they were able to win big enough.

So it can be seen that the Portuguese national team is able to occupy the top ranking because of a better goal difference than France. Basically the Portuguese national team is safe enough to be in the next group stage.

This victory is a capital to stay in the top two of the group stage. The rest of the Portugal national team must work hard to be the best team.

Of course, facing the German national team is not an easy matter. Although they lost in the first round, the defeat was not able to fully measure the weakness of the German national team.

What the Portuguese national team has to do is play as effectively and efficiently as possible. They have to at least play like the French national team or better.

On the other hand, the opposing national team does not yet have maximum strength on the front lines. So maybe the Portuguese national team can be even better in terms of defense.

Portugal vs Germany Prediction June 19, 2021
Source : https://images.outlookindia.com/public/uploads/articles/2021/6/2/Ronaldo

As for getting the worst case scenario, then the Portuguese national team is able to score at least one goal. Because one goal will be the capital for future assessments.

So far actually the Portuguese national team is a team that is quite promising. But unfortunately in the last game they were late to score.

The three goals they got against the Hungarian national team were purely their ingenuity to see the opponent’s situation. The Portuguese national team is able to see opponents who are less focused and make something unexpected.

Portugal’s national team game during the initial 70 minutes was not bad. Unfortunately they are not optimal to maintain performance.

There are still many opportunities that are less well read. Maybe they are able to score faster if they do not waste the opportunity.

Of course, the match became a big evaluation for the Portuguese national team. They couldn’t relax too much now, however.

They will face several attackers who are far more dangerous than the Hungarian national team. And of course his defense and focus is better than the Hungarian national team.

So the concentration and consistency of the game is something that can save them at this time. This match will be a big test for Fernando Santos.

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The German national team’s misfortune was purely the result of their own fault. Some golden opportunities were not able to be completed properly.

They tend to throw away some opportunities that should be able to save their face. Now defeat is a shared responsibility.

Of course the best scenario is to qualify for the third team. Where they themselves should be able to score more goals.

But if they were able to win this match, the result would be much different. At least the German national team should not be allowed to lose again.

Portugal vs Germany Prediction June 19, 2021
Source : https://c.ndtvimg.com/2019-12/f1so7cfc_germany-football-team-afp_625x300

With the condition of the Portuguese national team that just won, of course they are more favored. But the condition of the German national team was full of enthusiasm to continue to catch up. This game is predictable online gambling site will end in a draw with a goal back.

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Estimated Line-up Portugal vs Germany:

(Portugal) : Rui Silva; Pepe, João Cancelo, Rúben Dias, Nuno Mendes, William Carvalho, Rúben Neves, Bruno Fernandes, Bernardo Silva, Cristiano Ronaldo, Diogo Jota.

Manager : Fernando Santos.

(German) : M. Neuer; M. Hummels, A. Rüdiger, M. Ginter, R. Gosens, T. Kroos, İ. Gündoğan, J. Kimmich, K. Havertz, T. Müller, S. Gnabry.

Manager: J. Loew.

Here are the statistics for the two teams below:
16/06/14 WOC German 4-0 Portugal
10/06/12 EUC German 1-0 Portugal
20/06/08 EUC Portugal 2-3 German
09/07/06 WOC German 3-1 Portugal
21/06/00 EUC Portugal 3-0 German
15/06/21 EUC Hungary 0-3 Portugal
10/06/21 FRI Portugal 4-0 Israel
05/06/21 FRI Spanish 0-0 Portugal
31/03/21 WQE Luxembourg 1-3 Portugal
28/03/21 WQE Serbia 2-2 Portugal
16/06/21 EUC French 1-0 German
08/06/21 FRI German 7-1 Latvia
03/06/21 FRI German 1-1 Denmark
01/04/21 WQE German 1-2 Macedonia
29/03/21 WQE Romania 0-1 German

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