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  • Share – The Olympics does not feel like it will soon be rolled out in the middle of this which brings together the two giant teams of America and the giants of Australia. It should also be noted that the event Tokyo Olympics 2020/2021 This will later become a place of proof for several potential young players. The reason is that in this Olympic event, the 23-year-old national team will be competing. Suddenly this is expected to make strong teams want to show each other that their young talent is also capable of talking a lot.

One of the parties that will be held in the middle of this week is the Argentina U23 vs Australia U23 match. In this case, many predict that the Argentina U23 contra Australia U23 party will be very hot.

Considering that the players playing are young players, it is very likely that both sides will play games with high intensity and continue to insist until the minute ends. It is planned that the match between Argentina U23 vs Australia U23 will be held in the middle of this week, Thursday 22 July 2021 at 17.30 WIB live.

Argentina Still Troubled With Defense

Of course, many already know that in the Argentina U23 camp there are quite a lot of quality young players who play as strikers. This of course makes the stronghold Argentina U23 often wins games and his attack line is very productive.

But it’s a pity that this young Argentine squad can’t solve the problems that hit the back line at this time. The reason is that the Argentine U23 troops are still very weak when viewed from the discipline of the rearguard. Therefore, it is not surprising that the appearance of Argentina U23 is quite often conceded easily when facing a team that has a fast attack.

In addition, the Argentine U23 rearguard also very often made fatal blunders that should not have been necessary. Therefore, with less than two days remaining to play against Australia U23, the Argentine U23 team will fix this weak point.

Of course, the Argentine U23 squad must as soon as possible find a weak point that has been suffered in the rear row. If it is not immediately cleaned up, then it is not impossible that the Argentine U23 troops will be rolled out by the Australian U23 attack line.

Australia U23 Still Struggling With Negative Trends

Although the Argentine U23 back line is quite porous, it turns out that the problems in the Australian camp are even more complex. The reason is the Australian U23 team must struggle with the negative trend that has enveloped it lately.

Australia U23 listed on the stock sbobet still have not won at all in the last five matches that have been undertaken. Therefore, the Australian U23 squad came to this Olympic competition in quite a bloody condition.

It seems that this will be a great opportunity for Argentina U23 troops to be able to roll over Australia U23. But reportedly in the match Argentina U23 vs Australia U23, Australian troops want to rise from adversity.

Therefore, the Argentine U23 team must also be extra careful with the possibility that the U23 Australian team will make a surprise. It is estimated that this match will be quite crucial, especially for the stronghold Australia U23 who is now heartbroken.

Predicted Soccer Score Between Argentina U23 vs Australia U23

Although both sides of Argentina U23 and Australia U23 have their respective weaknesses, the prediction seems to be more directed towards Argentina. This is because the Argentine U23 troops are able to be more consistent in their appearance than Australia U23.

In addition, in terms of players, the Argentina U23 camp is also still superior to Australia U23. Therefore, Argentina U23 vs Australia U23 is expected to be won by Argentina with score 2 – 0.

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