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  • Share – Event 2021 Tokyo Olympics held this week there will be a very hot match between the American giants against the European giants. The reason is that those who will meet in the middle of this week are Brazil U23 vs Germany U23 which are expected to be elbowing each other to show their best.

Brazil U23 match against Germany U23 is predicted to be very hot because both camps are favorites to win this Olympic event. However, like the late morning final, it turned out that young Brazil and young Germany had to be met first even though the final match was still far away.

This makes the European and American football fans even more impatient to watch this big game. Even though the players playing are young troops, the prestige carried by the Brazil U23 and Germany U23 camps is not inferior to the seniors.

In addition, what makes this match even more interesting is that Brazil and Germany are warehouses of potential young players. Therefore, the heat of this derby has been felt long ago even though this match will be held on Thursday 22 July 2021 at 18.30 WIB.

Brazil Relys on Richarlison’s slick performance

When reviewing the Brazilian Samba country, of course the stock of quality players there is very abundant and even has experience at big clubs. One example is a Richarlison. The Brazilian striker who is now playing for Everton is quite good in his performance so far.

After a good performance in the Copa America yesterday, a Richarlison immediately flew after the squad Brazil U23 to play the Olympics. Richarlison, who is famous for his penetration, is expected to be the mainstay of Brazil U23 when facing German U23 troops.

With his extensive experience in the Premier League, Richarlison’s mentality is fully formed. Therefore, it is likely that Richarlison will be ready to break the concentration of the tight German U23 defense line.

It could even be that Richarlison will later become the spearhead and as a goal scorer for Brazil U23. The presence of a Richarlison is expected to really be a differentiator and its own color for this young Brazilian squad. Later, Richarlison will be supported by Brazil U23 wingers who are known to be good at feeding the ball forward.

Germany Relys More on Mid-Creativity

Realizing that Brazil U23’s front row is very fierce, it looks like Germany U23 will play more tightly and carefully in the middle. The reason is that almost all the midfielders in the German U23 camp are very qualified to take control of the game. Therefore, the neat midfield of Germany U23 is expected to be enough to make it difficult for Brazil U23 players to enter the heart of Germany U23’s defense.

Therefore, the creativity of the German U23 midfield is really a big gamble when the Brazil U23 vs . match Germany U23. It seems that control of the game will be more held by a young German team that is famous for having a reliable midfield. Not only that, most likely the German U23 team will build more attacks from the middle when against Brazil U23.

Prediction of Soccer Score Between Brazil U23 vs Germany U23

When it comes to player material and team strength, of course Brazil U23 and Germany U23 have almost the same strength. In this Brazil U23 vs Germany U23 match, the exchange judi slot online difficulty to guess in terms of score prediction. This is because Brazil U23 and Germany U23 are both teams that have a great chance of becoming Olympic champions in soccer. Therefore, it is estimated that the Brazil U23 match against Germany U23 will end in a draw 1 – 1.

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