Prediction of Gamba Osaka vs Vissel Kobe, Andres Iniesta And Friends Are Ready To Win Again – Asia Despatch

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AsiaDespatch.orgJapanese League the 2021 season will roll again this week and play its 22nd week. Gamba Osaka will play the Hanshin Derby against Vissel Kobe. The match between Gamba Osaka vs Vissel Kobe is scheduled to meet each other on Wednesday (21/7).

Kick off marks the start of the first round will start blowing at 17.00 WIB. Gamba Osaka will act as the host by holding the Hanshin Derby at their headquarters, Panasonic Stadium Suita.

Gamba Osaka is still 6 games behind

Until the 22nd week is almost rolling, Gamba Osaka They are in the relegation zone at 17th place in the standings. Masanobu Matsunami’s team was only able to pack 17 points from 16 matches.

If it is calculated, the club which has the nickname Ashi is still six games behind with other Japanese League teams. That way, it is certain that the match against Vissel Kobe later the coach will apply the mission to win.

Masanobu Matsunami is predicted to field his best players with a 3-4-2-1 formation. Brazilian striker Patric is believed to be the club’s core striker and has played since the first minute. He is now the club’s top scorer with 11 goals.

Most likely Patric will be supported by the performance of the two wingers who will be deployed by the team coach in the match later. Keisuke Kurokawa and Kosuke Onose will work together to help Patric’s performance.

Meanwhile in the team’s center zone, four midfielders will be the mainstay of the 46-year-old architect. The duo of Takashi Utami and Shinya Yajima will be placed as attacking midfielders. Behind him are two names of central midfielders, Shu Kurata and Yuki Yamamoto.

Gamba Osaka’s defense has high hopes for their three centre-backs. Young-gwon Kim, Gen Shoji and the captain, Genta Miura will be appointed as team coaches to be the gatekeepers of their club. While in the last position there is a 35-year-old goalkeeper, Masaaki Higashiguchi.

Vissel Kobe Preferred

Vissel Kobe who travels to Gamba Osaka’s headquarters is also predicted by the stock exchange online slots site will apply the full point target. Atsuhiro Miura, the coach of the team from the city of Kobe is expected to field his players with a 4-4-2 formation.

The spearheading duo of the team is most likely played by Douglas and Kyogo Yuya Nakasaka. After the death of the club’s top scorer, Kyogo Furuhashi who was recruited by Celtic FC, the coach will bet on the two attackers.

Behind the two, Atsuhiro Miura will field four midfielders with details of one attacking midfielder and three central midfielders. Former Barcelona captain, Andres Iniesta has the potential to be the mainstay of the team’s architect in the attacking midfielder position.

Meanwhile, the central midfielder sector will certainly belong to the trio of Hotaru Yamaguchi, Sergi Samper and Yuta Goke. All three are required to be able to maintain the consistency of the game and the stability of the team.

Moving to a defensive position, the Japanese coach is considered to be implementing four defenders in this position. Ryo Hatsuse and Gotoku Sakai are predicted to be placed as left and right wing-backs. Meanwhile, the duo Yuki Kobayashi and Ryuho Kikuchi will be deployed as central defenders. The team’s goalkeeper will be played by Daiya Maekawa.

Football Prediction Between Gamba Osaka vs Vissel Kobe

Judging from the first meeting, Gamba Osaka who was runner up last season was unable to win the match over Vissel Kobe. They actually lost with a narrow score 1-0 at home to the team from Hyogo Prefecture.

It is predicted that this match will also have the potential to be won by Andres Iniesta and his friends. Because the game from Gamba Osaka tends to start to decline when compared to last season’s performance.

Gamba Osaka vs Vissel Kobe Score Prediction: 0 – 1

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