Prediction of Japan U23 vs South Africa U23, Kubo will be the main weapon for Japan – Asia Despatch

  • Share – The hot game can be enjoyed again by all football lovers in the world in the Olympics which is being held this week. Although this event has only started in the middle of this week, the heat of high competition between countries has been felt long ago. This is because many countries that compete are selected countries and have very high prestige.

Therefore, it will be more interesting when a competition in which there are many surprises and dramas that occur. Most likely this Olympics performance will also be quite a surprise considering that many camps or countries are trying to bring this elite trophy.

There are many matches taking place in the middle of this week at the show 2021 Tokyo Olympics. But keep in mind that many public eyes are more focused on an exciting match between Japan U23 vs South Africa U23.

Many highlight this hot party because Japan U23 and South Africa U23 have almost the same strength. Practically a strategy battle will be an interesting spice when the Japan U23 contra South Africa party takes place this week. It is planned that the Japan U23 match against South Africa U23 will be held on Thursday 22 July 2021 at 18.00 WIB live.

Japan U23 Rely On Acceleration Takefusa Kubo

When discussing a little about the front row of the Japan U23 squad, of course what everyone thinks is a player with a fast and agile type. Almost all of the Japanese front line must have a very high speed, especially on the flanks.

The speed and agility are also in a Takefusa Kubo who is likely to be the mainstay of the Japan U23 squad. The speed and agility of a Kubo in piercing the heart of the opponent’s defense seems to have no doubt about his capacity.

Therefore, many predict that this Los Blancos winger will appear to be the best in the Japan U23 vs South Africa U23 party. Because the stronghold Japan U23 almost every attack always involves the speed of a Kubo.

Therefore, the South African U23 defense heart players must be extra disciplined when guarding a Kubo. In fact, many also estimate that Kubo is quite likely to score a goal against South Africa U23 troops.

South Africa Relys More on Quick Counterattack

Realizing that materially and the quality of the game is still inferior to Japan U23, the South African U23 squad is expected to rely on counterattacks. The reason is that it will be very dangerous to appear openly against young Japanese troops who are known to be very slippery. Therefore, it seems that the South Africa U23 coach is reluctant if his team uses too risky strategies.

A more closed and disciplined game seems to be the main weapon for the South African U23 stronghold. Despite playing defensively, many people predict that South Africa U23’s chance to win is still wide open. Because the young South African U23 squad is also famous for having high speed when building a counter-attack from the flank. With such a slightly defensive strategy, it is estimated that the troops South Africa U23 will be able to serve the onslaught of the Japanese stronghold U23.

Predicted Soccer Score Between Japan U23 vs South Africa U23

Japan U23 troops are expected to be more in control of the game and have many chances against South Africa U23. This is because the U23 Japanese troops are superior in terms of the game and the material of the players. Therefore, the Japan U23 vs South Africa U23 match, exchange online gambling site believe that Japan U23 will win by a narrow score 1 – 0.

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