Racing Club vs Sao Paulo Prediction, Opportunities for Both Camps Are Still Wide Open – Asia Despatch

  • Share – Phase 16 second leg event CONMEBOL Liberators the South America zone will again be enjoyed by all levels of the world. Because the middle of the week, the second leg will be held which brings together Racing Club vs Sao Paulo.

Racing’s fierce match against Sao Paulo is planned to be held in the middle of next week, namely Wednesday, July 21, 2021 at 07.30 WIB. This fierce party is predicted to have more battles between the two camps, namely Racing Club and Sao Paulo.

In this case, Racing Club and Sao Paulo are expected to go all out because the odds are still equal. It should also be noted that in yesterday’s first leg, Racing Club and Sao Paulo had to settle for 1-1.

Practically, the draw made the two American giants still have the same wide open opportunity for the next phase. Therefore, many people predict that this match is expected to be very crucial for Racing and Sao Paulo.

Racing Club Expected To Rely On Ball Control

Racing Club’s appearance in the first leg yesterday was actually very dominant and continued to hit the Sao Paulo defense. Of course, many already know that the Racing Club team has pretty good midfield material. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Racing Club camp quite often builds attacks well from the middle.

Almost every game Racing Club always rely on the dominance of the midfield whose performance is always consistent. Therefore, many people predict that possession will again be the mainstay of the Racing Club troops against Sao Paulo.

The creativity that has always been shown by the Racing Club midfield is expected to be a dangerous threat to Sao Paulo. Therefore, in the Racing Club vs Sao Paulo match, the game will be controlled more by the Racing Club. This is of course also in line with the first leg match, which at that time the Racing Club troops never stopped controlling the game and looked more attractive.

Sao Paulo More Rely On High Effectiveness

Different conditions are currently in the Sao Paulo camp, this team has less possession of the ball. The reason is that Sao Paulo’s midfielder material is still slightly below the Racing Club squad.

But even so, Sao Paulo’s troops also have their own advantages which are often the main weapon. The advantage that always stands out when Sao Paulo plays is his very high effectiveness. Most likely, in the match against Racing Club, it is estimated that Sao Paulo’s troops will wait more and rely on the high effectiveness of their front row.

Although in the first leg the Sao Paulo team did not dominate, of course there were opportunities Sao Paulo to qualify for the next phase is still wide open. The players at the heart of the Racing Club defense seem to have to be extra disciplined because Sao Paulo’s front row is known to be very fast and tactical when attacking.

Racing Club vs Sao Paulo Score Prediction

When viewed from the score of the first leg match, of course, the opportunity for both sides to qualify for the quarter-final stage is still wide open. However, in terms of discipline and style of play, Racing Club players are still a bit more favored by the stock exchange judi slot online. Therefore predictions in this match will be more inclined to the Racing Club camp. It is estimated that the Racing Club vs Sao Paulo match will be won by Racing Club with a thin score 2 – 1.

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