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Rich Prediction vs Ulsan 2 July 2021 Kaya will face Ulsan in round 3 of the AFC Champions League group phase F 2020/21, Friday (2/7/21) at Leo Stadium. After being able to win two consecutive rounds, Ulsan Hyundai will continue to be on fire to get another win. While the big defeat that has been experienced by Kaya’s team will make them even worse.

Despite being able to win in the second round, it seems that the Ulsan Hyundai team still has to improve their performance. So far, the Ulsan Hyundai team itself has tried hard where they got exciting resistance in their inaugural match.

Fortunately, the South Korean team was able to adapt well when they were able to win a landslide victory in the second party. Even so Ulsan Hyundai itself was able to win with many shortcomings.

As far as yesterday’s match even though Ulsan Hyundai was able to win 2-0 but statistically very bad. They are only able to get bait accuracy below 80 percent.

We know that a team that is stable and able to control the game is when they are able to make a series of short, accurate passes. It can be said that 90 percent is a good score where a team is able to pass without wrong passes.

While Ulsan Hyundai was only able to get 77 percent. it can be proven that the majority of their players get ratings below 7. This is what needs to be a big evaluation for coach Myung Bo Hong.

Rich Prediction vs Ulsan 2 July 2021
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With the bad rating they get, of course, it takes a long time to improve. This depends on their cohesiveness to improve weaknesses in each line.

In the match when they beat Pathum United 2-0, only three players were able to get a rating of 7. That player was Lukas Hinterseer who was also able to contribute his goals.

Then there is their captain that is Chung Yong Lee before finally having to be injured and replaced in the 66th minute by In Sung Kim. The last one is their goalkeeper Hyeon Woo Jo with a rating of 7.3.

Actually getting a rating of 7 is the average of players who are able to do their job well. So if there are many mistakes such as wrong passes or passes, their rating will go down.

And unfortunately the majority of Ulsan Hyundai players get a rating below 7. Indeed, their goals occurred in the first half. One in the 24th minute and 45th minute before the first half ended.

However, more mistakes were made in the second half. Luckily they were able to get two goals first. So they are safe enough to face the onslaught of the enemy. Maybe in the third round their game will be even better.

It seems Kaya ilo-Ilo cannot follow in the footsteps of compatriot United City. Kaya dropped more points and played badly in the last two games.

Predicted better than the inaugural match, it seems the prediction is wrong. They must continue to accept defeat in the last two parties that dilakoninya.

The first defeat against Pathum United had to lose 4-1. Then continued with the previous 5-0 defeat against the Viettel team.

This team seems to be playing with no confidence. That is their weakness and it could be that this weakness can be seen by their opponents.

Rich Prediction vs Ulsan 2 July 2021
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  • Taking advantage of the Opponent’s Situation

Kaya’s slump at the AFC will be a delicious meal for Ulsan Hyundai. Of course Ulsan Hyundai will not compromise. This game is predictable online soccer betting site will be won by Ulsan Hyundai.

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Estimated Lineup of Rich vs Ulsan:

(Rich) : L. Casas; S. Rota, C. Mitchell, M. Casambre, M. Omura, A. Menzi, Fujii Ryo, D. De Bruycker, M. Angeles, J. Bedic, D. Horikoshi.

Manager : G. Harvey.

(Ulsan) : Jo Hyeon-Woo; Hong Chul, Kim Tae-Hwan, D. Bulthuis, Kim Ki-Hee, Koh Myong-Jin, Kim Sung-Joon, Yoon Bit-Garam, Kim In-Sung, Kim Min-Jun, Kim Ji-Hyun.

Manager : Hong Myung-Bo.

Here are the statistics for the two teams below:


29/06/21 ACL So. 0-5 Viettel
26/06/21 ACL BG Pathum United 4-1 So.
23/06/21 ACL Shanghai Port 0-1 So.
09/11/20 PFL United City 1-2 So.
06/11/20 PFL So. 0-0 Mendiola
29/06/21 ACL Ulsan 2-0 BG Pathum United
26/06/21 ACL Viettel 0-1 Ulsan
20/06/21 KL1 Ulsan 2-2 Seongnam
29/05/21 KL1 Jeju United 1-2 Ulsan
26/05/21 DO Ulsan 3-0 Gyeongnam

Regards, Debate ball.

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