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Rich Prediction vs Viettel June 29, 2021

AsiaDespatch.orgKaya will face Viettel in the 2nd round of the AFC Champions League group phase F 2020/21, Tuesday (29/6/21) at Leo Stadium. Of course, the defeat in the first round made these two teams race to get their first points. Viettel lost in the first round to former AFC 2020 champion Ulsan Hyundai.

  • Still have a long way to go

Not wanting to be dissolved from their defeat, it seems that the Viettel team from Vietnam will try another result. Of course, even though they lost, they only lost 1-0.

It should be noted that his opponent at that time was the former King who was able to win the AFC Champions League in 2020. Which means that if they lose 1-0, Viettel might indeed be able to compensate for the game.

Even though they lost, they didn’t concede much. The 1-0 loss can be speculated that there was a hand of luck, because if Viettel were a weak team they might have conceded more than two goals or three goals.

Of course this team from Vietnam may be looking for a way to bounce back. The defeat was a blow that they had to add more focus to their back line.

In addition, Viettel itself does not have a good enough banging power on the front lines. It was evident that they were unable to produce goals during the two halves.

Rich Prediction vs Viettel June 29, 2021
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Viettel itself is a team that has just entered this AFC Champions League match. Previously they always did not have the opportunity to compete in the international arena.

His first match against Ulsan Hyundai proved that they have competitiveness. Even so, coach Hans Jurgen Gede too much for this team to do defense.

It was proven that they were only able to get possession of the ball as much as 29 percent. During the two rounds against Ulsan Hyundai, it seems that Viettel often survives.

But on the positive side they were able to survive for 90. Ulsan Hyundai itself was only able to break into Viettel’s goal in extra time.

It can be concluded that the defense of the Vietnamese team was able to stress Ulsan Hyundai. But what power that they lost physically.

In that match, they seemed to be under pressure. The accuracy of the bait alone is only 72 percent. And most of them throw the ball with a long pass accuracy of only 34 percent.

This second half seemed to prove if they really were a formidable team then of course they would be able to win this second match. It can not be separated from the improvements they have to improve again.

Because his opponent this time is a pretty good opponent also in defense. If Viettel is able to apply more dynamic play, it is likely that they will be able to score earlier.

  • Learn From Big Defeats

It seems online slot gambling site look Kaya went through the first half with very bad results. The team from the Philippines has yet to find its best performance after losing in the first round 4-1 against Pathum United.

The defeat certainly reflects their quality. Moreover, during the match they had to lose their defender because of a red card.

It could be said that Kaya was a team hit for just wasting the ball during the game. If they are not able to improve on their weaknesses then it is certain that they will not survive in this group stage.

Rich Prediction vs Viettel June 29, 2021
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  • Looking for the First Victory

Of course Viettel will benefit because the opponent is not a strong opponent. Even so, Viettel himself must be careful because it looks like his opponent will play a hard game pattern. It seems that this match will be won by Viettel.

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Estimated Line-up Rich vs Viettel:

(Rich) : L. Casas; S. Rota, C. Mitchell, M. Casambre, M. Omura, A. Menzi, Fujii Ryo, D. De Bruycker, M. Angeles, J. Bedic, D. Horikoshi.

Manager: O. Colina.

(Viettel) : Tran Nguyen Manh; Que Ngoc Hai, Bui Tien Dung, Truong Van Thiet, Nguyen Trong Dai, J. Abdumuminov, Bruno Matos, Bui Duy Thuong, Caique, Nguyen Viet Phong, Truong Tien Anh.

Manager: Hans Jurgen Gede.

Here are the statistics for the two teams below:


26/06/21 ACL BG Pathum United 4-1 So.
23/06/21 ACL Shanghai Port 0-1 So.
09/11/20 PFL United City 1-2 So.
06/11/20 PFL So. 0-0 Mendiola
03/11/20 PFL Stallion 1-1 So.
26/06/21 ACL Viettel 0-1 Ulsan
02/05/21 V.1 Da Nang 1-2 Viettel
27/04/21 V.1 Ho Chi Minh City 1-1 Viettel
16/04/21 V.1 Viettel 2-1 Than Quang Ninh
11/04/21 V.1 Army headquarters 0-1 Viettel

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