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Rows of homework that Croatia must complete after losing to England – Croatia is a country that looks very calculated when the four-yearly event, the Euro has started. This is because the Croatian troops a few years ago were enough to make the public stunned because they qualified as a World Cup finalist.

Since this achievement, Croatia cannot be underestimated any longer, which can certainly overthrow the European giants. The great achievements achieved during the 2018 World Cup also seem to want to be transmitted by Croatia to the Euro event which has now started. The Croatian squad seems to want to keep repeating the same golden era as when this team qualified as finalists 2018 World Cup then.

In addition, many predict that Croatia will be more stable because part of the squad has been overhauled and is filled with young talent. So the Croatian troops seem to want to slowly and little by little regenerate their squad.

Therefore, currently in almost every line of Croatia, there must be at least one young player who is on the rise. This is the goal so that the Croatian troops are not too dependent on Croatian players who incidentally are already senior and physically declining. But it seems that luck is still not on Croatia’s side in the first match.

Croatia must be willing to be bent by another European giant, namely the England national team

Finally, the time that Croatia players and supporters have been waiting for has arrived. Because Croatia’s first match at the event Euro 2020 was officially held yesterday and the match was very fierce.

The Croatian squad some time ago confirmed that this team will do everything possible to secure their first three points at the Euros. However, it is a pity that the ambition carried by Luka Modric and these friends must disappear when this team meets England. Croatia against England yesterday was the most awaited match by the public in Group B.

Because the two giants of Group B directly met in their inaugural match and it is expected that there will be a lot of dynamics happening. Then this seems to be proven, the article in the match unexpectedly the Croatian troops had a little difficulty developing the game.

In addition, the Croatian troops also seemed to have difficulty getting out of pressure when the British Three Lions troops attacked. The aggressiveness and high intensity applied by England seemed to make the Croatian camp very overwhelmed to serve it. So that in that match, Croatia lost from all sides and was pressured more by England.

Croatian troops finally had to be willing to lose their first point in the hands of England in this four-year event. Croatia National Team must be willing to concede a goal scored by Man City’s mainstay player, namely Raheem Sterling. The result of this defeat made the Croatian camp have to get up immediately and fix the weak points that appeared when the match against England.

However, when it comes to qualifying opportunities, Croatia is still very likely to qualify from the group B phase. The reason is that Group B has just had its first match and it is estimated that dynamics will continue to occur in the future.

List of Weaknesses Croatia Should Fix

Many argue about the point of weakness Croatia National Team after the defeat against England yesterday. One of the weaknesses that have been highlighted by the public is the lack of creativity and aggressiveness of the Croatian wing line which causes more balls in the middle.

Croatia seem to rely too much on attacking only through the middle, while England’s midfield is able to contain it. So the weakness on this wing seems to be a pretty complicated homework for the current Croatian coach.

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