Sergio Busquets Successfully Changed Spain’s Image at Euro 2020 – Asia Despatch

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Sergio Busquets Successfully Changed Spain's Image at Euro 2020 – The name Sergio Busquets is present as one of the players who successfully changed Spain’s image in the Euro 2020 match. Busquets became a star when Spain faced the Slovakian national team in the final match in the group E phase of Euro this time. This is the player’s first debut after missing two matches.

Sergio Busquets missed the first two Group E matches of the Euro 2020 competition. The player tested positive for Covid-19 at that time and had to undergo treatment for several days. Now, after being declared cured, Busquets managed to make the public astonished by his action as a star in Spain’s victory in the final match.

Returning to strengthen the Spanish national team, Sergio Busquets managed to become the Star of the Match. The Matador team’s victory over Slovakia was dramatic with the final score 5-0. The match which took place at La Cartuja Stadium, Sevilla finally passed Spain to the round of 16 Euro 2020 this time.

Busquets Hasn’t Scored A Goal

Spain’s victory over Slovakia which occurred in the match Wednesday (23/6) last night ensured Luis Enrique’s team advanced to the round of 16. Sergio Busquets’ appearance managed to be in the spotlight even though the player has not scored a goal. With the Spanish national team, Busquets showed a big change in the style of play of the whole team.

Sergio Busquets also came with a captivating action closing the Spanish midfield game. Apparently, this phenomenon has not been seen in the previous two Spanish matches in the group phase. Busquets was also present as a hero in the Spanish midfield by successfully setting the tempo of the game and maintaining the balance of the game of his colleagues.

In total, recorded Sergio Busquets managed to appear for 71 minutes. The player also contributed to the creation of two goals that nestled in the net Slovakia. Not only that, 44 accurate passes were recorded as the player’s struggle in this match. In addition, he got three victories in aerial duels.

After Spain’s match against Slovakia was over, Sergio Busquets said he was satisfied with his performance and the Spanish national team as a whole. The player admits that this is what he wanted for a long time in the Spanish game. This result can be a new motivation for Spain’s game in the next match.

In the next match, Sergio Busquets will also certainly strengthen the Matador team. The player feels that he has not contributed much to the team after two absences in this important match. It is possible that a similar playing style will be displayed again.

Luis Enrique Puas

Spain coach Luis Enrique said he was very satisfied with the appearance of Sergio Busquets. The coach also considers this a long-desired strategy of the whole team. Foster children have a burning spirit for 90 minutes of the game.

Furthermore, the coach revealed that Busquets’ appearance in the match against Slovakia could be another motivation for his teammates. Moreover, the player is known to have just recovered from Covid-19 which of course still has to undergo a short recovery. However, Sergio managed to show the struggle very well in last night’s match.

Luis Enrique admits a performance like Busquets is a necessity Spanish National Team. Moreover, in the round of 16 later, there will likely be many bigger challenges. Luis added that Busquets could be an illustration for his team-mates in the next match, because the player managed to change the image of Spain at this time.

The success of the Spanish national team to fight in the round of 16 was finally recognized as the best performance for this year. Several times Spain had doubts about getting the next ticket, and they managed to prove it.

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