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Severe!  Harry Kane has never shot into the opponent's goal – The Euro 2020 stage did invite a lot of admiration for several teams to the mainstay players in each country. Not a few star players who actually appear disappointing because they have not managed to gain goals or lose. One of the performances that got the spotlight was Harry Kane. So far, not a single shot has been recorded by the player leading to the opponent’s goal.

Harry Kane made many people wonder. So far, the England striker has been disappointing. Even on the scene Euro 2020, Harry Kane has not yet found his best action. The striker was so blunt when playing for the Three Lions. Not only has he not scored a goal for the England national team, Harry Kane has not even made a shot on target in the Euro match.

The England national team also started many obstacles in the Euro 2020 competition this time. The troops directed by coach Gareth Southgate only showed a draw. In the first match against Croatia, they managed to win narrowly with a score of 1-0. However, in the next match against Scotland, England only drew. Then, what is Harry Kane’s appearance that disappointed the public?

England’s Strict Competition

Indeed in the European Cup this time, stiff competition will definitely take place. The competition also occurs in group D, where the Three Lions team is currently. Czech Republic and England have four points in common. The Czechs managed to dominate the first rank because of superior goal difference from the Czechs. Croatia and Scotland are next with one point each.

The England national team is indeed the seed in Group D. They have ammunition for potential young players so far. However, it’s not just the troops Gareth Southgate also inhabited by many senior players with brilliant talents. Of course, the top quality is a mainstay for The Three Lions to gain victory.

One of the senior players who has top quality at club level is Harry Kane. The name of the senior player who was used as a goal machine in fact has not succeeded in becoming a mainstay for England. In fact, until now Kane has not been able to produce a shoot on target against the opponent’s goal England National Team.

This is precisely the opposite of Harry Kane’s appearance at club level. Last season, the player successfully won the Premier League’s top scorer title. Kane has also scored 23 goals from 35 matches he has played. Even in the Euro 2020 qualifying round, he also had time to record around 15 goals from 13 matches.

Harry Kane Blunts Right Now

Unfortunately, all of Harry Kane’s slick appearances now seem to be sinking. The player has yet to score a goal in the Euro 2020 scene which began last week. Harry Kane, who has yet to score in Euro matches, has only recorded three shots throughout the competition which also ended in the last 16.

Many regret the performance Harry Kane when it comes to Euro 2020. The appearance of the player has not even had time to shoot on target. The three shots that were launched by the player have not yet led to the opponent’s goal. This is certainly a serious thought for the England coach, Gareth Southgate.

Southgate admits he is quite disappointed with the performance Harry Kane that. Not a few also criticized the performance of this Spurs front-line player when competing at Euro 2020. This Tottenham striker even had doubts about his quality if he was continuously in that position.

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