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Sterling can finally score his first England goal in a big event – Match after match does not seem to have been carried out at the Euro 2020 event which started on June 11 yesterday. It only started about four days ago, but the enthusiasm of the football lovers immediately exploded. So that it seems to be a color of its own and makes this elite competition more exciting and interesting to watch.

The role of supporters and supporters at the event Euro is the most important thing. The goal is to make it more crowded and make the atmosphere of this competition more competitive. Currently, supporters of various teams or countries in the world are allowed to attend, but their capacity and quota are still limited.

Even with a modest audience, the match looked much better to watch. Several interesting matches have gone smoothly and are enough to make the public’s eyes all over the world stunned and interested in watching this event.

Everyone of course already knows that yesterday there was a match that was quite awaited by the public because both teams had the status of being the European giants. The party in question is a match between England vs Croatia which immediately played with high tension since the whistle started. In that match, there was one player who caught the public’s attention, namely a Raheem Sterling.

Raheem Sterling has recently experienced ups and downs in performance

All English football fans must know the capacity and capability of Raheem Sterling. The player who is famous for being very agile now occupies the winger position at the English giant club, Man City.

Sterling’s appearance at Man City certainly has no doubt about his contribution. Even Raheem Sterling often contributes goals after important goals for Man City. Not only that, many argue that Raheem Sterling has a very important role and is a vital figure in the Man City camp.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the coach Pep Guardiola desperately defending this tiny player and turning down several offers from other clubs. Thanks to his very consistent performance with The Cityzen, finally England coach Gareth Southgate was attracted.

Gareth Southgate smitten and wants to bring Sterling to England’s Three Lions squad. Even Sterling at the event Euro 2020 He was also called and trusted as a core player for the England national team. But if you look back, Raheem Sterling’s appearance with the Three Lions team is inversely proportional to Man City.

Because Raheem Sterling when viewed in terms of the game is very much decreased compared to when he defended Man City. This had made the British public surprised and worried about his performance at Euro 2020. But on the other hand, there were still a lot of people who fully supported Man City’s agile winger.

Many argue that a Raheem Sterling still has to adjust and adapt to the England Three Lions squad. This is because the troops made by Gareth Southgate have quite a lot of new faces and pairs of players.

Raheem Sterling finally scores his first goal for England at an international event

In the first match England National Team at the Euro 2020 event, a Raheem Sterling immediately showed his fangs against Croatia. Raheem Sterling’s performance impressed the coach and made trouble for the Croatian defense.

Finally, this tiny and agile player scored his first goal for England in a big event like the Euros. This was welcomed by Sterling and he hopes to continue to develop under the tutelage of Gareth Southgate.

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