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Successfully Get Ivan Carlos, Persela Still Eyeing Two More Foreign Players – Persela is true that the club, the pride of the city of Soto Lamongan, a few weeks ago, looked cool in the transfer market. This was done by the management of Laskar Joko Tingkir so that there were no wrong players and while the highest competition in Indonesia met clarity.

After the competition Indonesian League 1 expected to be held in the near future, finally Persela began to rush and wriggle in the transfer market. The first step that was immediately taken by Laskar Joko Tingkir’s management was to immediately select local players, which of course was carried out directly at the club Surajaya Stadium.

All of that seems to be done by the Persela camp at this time because inevitably Persela must immediately increase the number of its squad. Of course, everyone already knows a lot that this club, the pride of the Lamongan residents, has been left behind by its pillar players some time ago.

Practically Persela players immediately decreased and reportedly when viewed from the number of players, Persela is still lacking. Therefore, Persela’s management must hurry to follow up on the addition of the player quota after the departure of their flagship player. But if you look at it lately, Persela’s management seems to be busy targeting some of their dream players.

The physique of the Persela players is far from satisfactory

After some time ago Persela officially appointed a new coach, finally Persela preparations went straight to the next stage. It should also be noted that some time ago Joko Tingkir’s management officially appointed his own former coach, namely Iwan Setiawan.

This veteran coach was immediately seen leading the training of Joko Tingkir’s troops directly from the Surajaya Lamongan Stadium. The coach of Persela Lamongan was immediately warmly welcomed by the ranks of players and coaches who would later become Iwan Setiawan’s subordinates. The first step that Iwan Setiawan took was to directly highlight the physical appearance of the Laskar Joko Tingkir retainers.

Before Iwan Setiawan physically boosted his foster children, this coach seemed to ask the Persela players to check their physical condition and stamina. When Persela’s medical ranks did a deeper check, it turned out that the physical and stamina of the Laskar Joko Tingkir retainers were still far from Iwan’s expectations.

According to news circulating, there are only four players whose physical condition and stamina are considered good. This is a pretty bad achievement for Persela’s troops considering the League will soon be rolling.

Following up on this problem, it seems that the coach Iwan Setiawan is quite angry and as soon as possible he will try to restore the stamina of his foster children. In this case, a very heavy homework awaits Iwan Setiawan in the near future.

Reportedly in the near future Iwan Setiawan will return to the stages of training which of course can improve the physical appearance of his retainer. In fact, it is reported that Iwan Setiawan will soon increase the intensity of training so that the ranks of the players Persela Lamongan can immediately maximize physical.

Successfully Get Ivan Carlos, Persela Still Looking For Two Additional Foreign Player Again

The public for football lovers in the country was quite surprised some time ago by the decision of the Persela management. The reason is Persela’s management some time ago again made an agreement with his own former player who plays as a striker. It is reported that Persela has now found an agreement with Ivan Carlos which is projected to fill the spearhead position of Laskar Joko Tingkir.

In this case, Persela seems quite confident with Ivan Carlos because this player used to be very flashy when he defended the club that was the pride of the Lamongan residents. In addition, it is reported that Persela’s management is currently looking for at least two additional foreign players’ ammunition.

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