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Sweden vs Slovakia Prediction 18 June 2021

AsiaDespatch.orgSweden will face Slovakia in the 2nd round of EURO 2020 group phase E 2020/21, Friday (18/6/21) in Gazprom Arena Stadium. It can be said that the Swedish national team was quite lucky because they were able to avoid defeat. While the Slovak national team was even more fortunate because it was able to collect full points.

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For a team like Sweden they should be lucky enough to be able to avoid defeat. Moreover, the opponent is a Spanish team, which of course is filled with quality players above their players.

This moment is a stroke of luck that must be continuously improved. Because they will not continue to be able to rely on luck over and over again.

Actually the match was quite troublesome for the Swedish national team. We know for ourselves that during the two rounds the Swedish national team could barely do anything.

Therefore Jan Andersson as a coach must learn from the match. Surely the Swedish national team players learned a lot when they faced one of these giant EURO 2020 teams.

Now their chances are getting better and better when they are able to get at least one point. Plus they were able to hold the Spanish national team to control more points.

So it can be said that they still have a chance to qualify in the group stage. It is predictable that they will be able to last longer and be able to win the next two games other than against the Spanish national team.

Sweden vs Slovakia Prediction 18 June 2021
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Actually, if you look at the quality and compare it with the opposing team, the Swedish national team really deserves to win. Several star players adorn some of their line ups.

For the attackers, there are Dejan Kulusevski from Juventus, Alexander Isak from Real Sociedad and there is also Emil Forsberg from RB Leipzig. They also usually field senior players to coordinate such as Ken Sema from Watford and Albin Ekdal from Sampdoria.

Some of the left and right wings are filled with Mattias Svanberg from Bolivia. Their defense side was also strengthened by Manchester United players, namely Victor Lindelof, there is also Emil Krafth from Newcastle United, Ludwig Augustinsson from Werder Bremen. And also goalkeeper from Everton, namely Robin Olsen.

But with a row of talented players they are not accompanied by good coordination. So when analyzed from the match against the Spanish national team, it seems that they do not have a clear vision.

During the match, it was obvious that the Swedish national team only wanted a draw. Indeed, their defense is very solid and also able to make it difficult for the Spanish national team.

But if they are not able to do better in the next match, maybe the hope of qualifying for the round of 16 will be lost. So the match against Slovakia is a proving match to improve again.

The victory when they were able to face the Polish national team made the Slovakian national team at the top of Group E. Indeed, they were lucky that the Polish national team was unable to move.

Even so, there is actually an element of luck that is owned by the Slovak national team. Moreover, the first goal was an own goal from the Polish national team goalkeeper.

Moreover, the Polish national team lacked one player because they were hit by two cards. This time they will face the real test when they visit the headquarters of the Swedish national team.

Sweden vs Slovakia Prediction 18 June 2021
Source : https://kslsports.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Rusnak-Slovakia-vs.-Ireland-Oct.jpg

Actually in terms of ability, the Swedish national team is above the Slovak national team. Therefore the Slovak national team may be in trouble compared to the first match. This 2nd round is predicted online soccer betting site Sweden will win.

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Estimated line-up for Sweden vs Slovakia:

(Sweden) : R. Olsen; P. Bengtsson, M. Lustig, M. Danielsson, V. Lindelöf, S. Larsson, A. Ekdal, E. Forsberg, K. Olsson, D. Kulusevski, A. Isak.

Manager : J. Andersson.

(Slovakia) : M. Dubravka; T. Hubočan, P. Pekarík, Ľ. Šatka, M. Škriniar, J. Kucka, R. Mak, O. Duda, L. Haraslín, J. Hromada, I. Schranz.

Manager: Š. Tarkovich.

Here are the statistics for the two teams below:
17/10/18 FRI Sweden 1-1 Slovakia
12/01/17 NOF Sweden 6-0 Slovakia
27/03/13 FRI Slovakia 0-0 Sweden
02/06/01 WQE Sweden 2-0 Slovakia
12/10/00 WQE Slovakia 0-0 Sweden
15/06/21 EUC Spain 0-0 Sweden
06/06/21 FRI Sweden 3-1 Armenia
29/05/21 FRI Sweden 2-0 Finland
31/03/21 FRI Sweden 1-0 Estonia
29/03/21 WQE Kosovo 0-3 Sweden
14/06/21 EUC Poland 1-2 Slovakia
06/06/21 FRI Austria 0-0 Slovakia
01/06/21 FRI Slovakia 1-1 Bulgaria
31/03/21 WQE Slovakia 2-1 Russia
28/03/21 WQE Slovakia 2-2 Malta

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