Sydney FC vs Adelaide United Prediction 19 June 2021 – Asia Despatch

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Sydney FC vs Adelaide United Prediction 19 June 2021

AsiaDespatch.orgSydney FC will face Adelaide United in the Australian A-League Play Offs 2020/21, Saturday (19/6/21) at Netstrata Jubilee Stadium. After the third and fourth place winners were determined, it was now the turn of the first and second rank to intervene. One of them is ranked second, namely Sydney FC who will fight in the play-off round to fight for the championship title.

  • Decisive Opportunity

So far Sydney FC and Melbourne City who are perched in the first and second positions are waiting to face the remaining teams. Previously, the third to sixth ranks fought for the play-off position after all the main A-League agenda ended.

Please note that the A-League champion will be determined by a knockout match between the first and sixth place. Of course, the first and second ranks are more flexible and will only compete in the semifinals of the play-offs.

This is experienced by Sydney FC who managed to rank second at the end of the A League season. Of course, this rule is quite strange from other leagues but it will definitely be more exciting and tense.

Because the A-League championship itself will be determined through the play-off schedule. However, the busy A-League schedule made all the play-off participants resign from the AFC.

So they will no longer participate in the Asian club version of the international arena. This includes Sydney FC.

Sydney FC vs Adelaide United Prediction 19 June 2021
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Seeing the credibility of the Sydney FC club, it seems that this match will be very interesting. So far his opponent is indeed strong enough because he was able to survive to qualify for this semifinal.

But his shoes with the ability of Sydney FC this match will not be too difficult for them. Moreover, Sydney FC was able to spend the end of the season A-League well.

The most important thing was when they were able to crush Adelaide United 4-1 at the end of the A-League season. At that time Sydney FC appeared very dominant and quite solid.

Sydney FC itself was able to score quickly in the early rounds through R. Grant’s collaboration with Adam. The sixth minute Adam’s name was recorded on the scoreboard.

The tightness of the first half made Sydney FC unable to add to the score. Then it was only in the second half that Adam doubled his goal again in the 54th minute and was followed by Bobo four minutes later.

Adelaide United’s misfortune increased when their players were hit by card accumulation. Then 71 minutes Sydney FC was able to provide the final goal.

In order not to be too embarrassed, Adelaide United was finally able to provide a consolation goal in the 89th minute. So the match ended 4-1.

With a big defeat proves the quality of Adelaide United’s players are no better than Sydney FC. In fact, they are in danger of losing.

But actually online slot gambling site rate they have almost the same abilities. The difference is the level of discipline and good coordination.

At that time Adelaide United played a formation that put more emphasis on the number of midfielders. Expected a lot to attack but quite the opposite.

Big homework for coach Carl Veart is to improve their back line. Due to excessive action makes Adelaide United have to lose a central defender.

Sydney FC vs Adelaide United Prediction 19 June 2021
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Of course this match will be an emotional match for Adelaide United. Besides, Sydney FC itself still has the quality to win the game. The thing to watch out for is Adelaide United’s tough and violent players. Sydney FC is predicted to win narrowly.

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Estimated Line-up for Sydney FC vs Adelaide United :

(Sydney FC) : T. Heward-Belle; A. Wilkinson, B. Warland, J. King, M. Ninković, L. Brattan, A. Caceres, P. Retre, Bobô, K. Barbarouses, A. Le Fondre.

Manager : S. Corica.

(Adelaide United) : J. Delianov; M. Jakobsen, Javi López, J. Elsey, Juande, B. Halloran, S. Mauk, R. Kitto, R. Strain, L. D’Arrigo, T. Jurić.

Manager : C. Veart.

Here are the statistics for the two teams below:
  • H2H Sydney FC vs Adelaide United
29/05/21 A-L Adelaide United 1-4 Sydney FC
18/04/21 A-L Sydney FC 2-2 Adelaide United
28/03/21 A-L Adelaide United 1-0 Sydney FC
06/08/20 A-L Adelaide United 1-1 Sydney FC
04/01/20 A-L Sydney FC 2-1 Adelaide United
  • Last 5 matches of Sydney FC
05/06/21 A-L Brisbane Roar 0-2 Sydney FC
29/05/21 A-L Adelaide United 1-4 Sydney FC
23/05/21 A-L Sydney FC 1-0 Western Sydney Wanderers
19/05/21 A-L Sydney FC 2-0 Melbourne Victory
15/05/21 A-L Western United 0-1 Sydney FC
  • Adelaide United’s Last 5 Games
13/06/21 A-L Brisbane Roar 1-2 Adelaide United
03/06/21 A-L Adelaide United 2-2 Western Sydney Wanderers
29/05/21 A-L Adelaide United 1-4 Sydney
23/05/21 A-L Melbourne Victory 0-1 Adelaide United
19/05/21 A-L Perth Glory 2-1 Adelaide United

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