The National Team’s Full-back is Targeted by Foreign Clubs, Which Club? – Asia Despatch

  • Share – Primary Arhan is a player Indonesian National team who was called by coach Shin Tae Yong at the last World Cup Qualification. Now this player has just extended his contract with PSIS Semarang until 2022.

The Journey of the Garuda Muda Team

The player who plays as a left wing-back is an alumni of the U19 national team which held a training camp in Croatia. He has been played eight times by the coach in the U19 friendly match.

In total, the Garuda Muda team faced countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar twice, Bosnia and North Macedonia twice. Then the team continued against Bulgaria twice and Croatia. The national team won twice, namely when they met Qatar once and North Macedonia once. Meanwhile, three matches have been drawn and four games have been lost.

Pratama Arhan himself played in eight matches with the U19 team, successfully creating two assists. He created the first assist for his team’s goal against Qatar. Where Saddam Gaffar who plays as a striker who created the goal.

Interestingly, the assist from Pratama Arhan was done from a throw-in scheme. From there, the 19-year-old became famous for his dangerous throw-in. Because he is able to throw a long but accurate throw.

Furthermore, the second assist occurred in the match against the host, Croatia where the Garuda team was massacred 7-1. The only goal was created by Bagas Kaffa in the 72nd minute with the help of the PSIS full-back.

Level up

After that coach Shin Tae Yong also called him to strengthen the senior Indonesian national team. The player is meant to appear in the World Cup Qualification event. He also underwent centered training in Jakarta to the UAE.

His debut was first played when the Garuda squad appeared to compete against Oman in a test match. The player, Pratama Arhan appeared for the full 90 minutes but unfortunately his team lost with a final score of 3-1.

Then in the real event, this player who was born in the city of Blora also remains a mainstay of Shin Tae Yong. He was plotted to fill the left wing-back sector and played the full three games.

Unfortunately, in these three matches, Indonesia was only able to win one point. That is when they appear equally strong against Thailand. The rest of the team always lose without even scoring a goal against the enemy.

Targeted by South Korean Club

It is rumored that this 19-year-old player is currently being monitored by a South Korean club. The club is named Seongnam FC which is currently still playing in the K League 1 scene. The team is currently ranked 10th out of 12 competing clubs.

Where the regulations of the K League 1 itself contain that the club that is ranked seventh to last will be immediately relegated. These teams will be relegated to K League 2 next season.

But it’s not a problem for Primary Arhan actually, the league in South Korea is among the best in Asia. Even according to 2019 data, the country is in the second best ranking after China.

By competing in this league, it is certain that players can get various kinds of experience. Then this experience can be applied when defending the Indonesian national team later.

In the country of Ginseng, there has also been Asnawi Mangkualam who also plays as a full-back. He played for the club Ansan Greeners FC in the second tier. Meanwhile Arhan’s Primary club, PSIS confirmed that it would let its retainer go if an official offer from abroad came in.

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