These three famous players are being rumored to be leaving Barcelona, ​​who are they? – Asia Despatch

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These three famous players are being rumored to be leaving Barcelona, ​​anyone – Financial deteriorating makes Barcelona unable to directly renew Lionel Messi’s contract. Now the Argentinian superstar is being titled ‘unemployed’ after his contract expires at the end of June.

Barcelona still have to continue to sell their players to be able to improve the club’s financial coffers. It is confirmed that next season new arrivals such as Aguero, Eric Garcia, Emerson and Memphis Depay cannot be registered.

This is due to the total amount of Barcelona spending that has gone too far. They have to reduce the total of 200 million Euros in spending next season to be able to register new players. Now the club has a total expenditure of 110% of their income.

Where they only have a deposit of 25% to pay player salaries. That’s what makes Lionel Messi’s contract renewal cannot be announced sooner than it should.

Trying to Sell His Famous Player

The difficulty of the situation became worse due to the number of players Barcelona who reportedly did not intend to have their pay cut. There are even those who are reluctant to be sold by the club. Not without reason indeed, in Barcelona, ​​their lives are very decent with high salaries.

But that does not make El Barca silent. The management of the team, led by Joan Laporta, will still try to sell a few more players. But who are the famous players who will leave the Camp Nou? Here’s the review:

Antoine Griezmann

The first player to become Barcelona’s source of income is French striker Antoine Griezmann. It is believed that with the striker still shining, there will be many clubs who are after him.

The arrival of two strikers at once to make the spearhead sector El Barca fullness. That way the former Atletico Madrid retainer can be set aside to earn club income. Reportedly there have been several clubs queuing up.

Manchester City reportedly took the attitude of queuing for the player’s signature as a new player for The Citizen. Antoine Griezmann is reportedly prepared as a substitute for Harry Kane if the England captain fails to move to the Etihad Stadium.

Now the 30-year-old striker has a selling price in the range of 50 to 60 million Euros. Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola has reportedly met with Barcelona president Joan Laporta to discuss the player’s transfer.

Apart from Manchester City, Atletico Madrid and Juventus are also monitoring the situation of this Macon-born striker. But until now there has been no certainty about the official offer from some of these clubs.

Sergio Busquets

The Barcelona defensive midfielder is being rumored to be leaving for an MLS club. However, it is not yet clear and definitely which club is directing its radar to the captain of the Spanish national team.

Sergio Busquets himself still has a contract until 2023 with Barcelona. Allegedly the sale of the player will land some funds to El Barca. Now the market price is at 9 million Euros.

But the player said that he insisted he would still stay at Camp Nou. He is still very comfortable at the club. Talking about Lionel Messi, the midfielder still wants the superstar to stay at Barcelona.

Philippe Coutinho

The last name that has become a frightening specter for Barcelona management is Philippe Coutinho. Where the 29-year-old attacking midfielder spent a total of 8.58 million Euros as a salary to be paid by El Barca.

Not only that, Barcelona also still has debts to Liverpool, his previous club. Meanwhile, the total transfer price of 135 million Euros has not been paid in full, but only in installments. By selling it, the club can simultaneously save expenses for the player’s salary and installments.

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