Touching Real Madrid’s Back Line When Varane Really Stopped – Asia Despatch

  • Share Real Madrid is the team that is most preoccupied with the news of the departure of several pillar players in the defender position. This suddenly made Madrid supporters quite regretful and quite disappointed with some of the management’s decisions. But apart from that, the loyalty of El Real supporters deserves thumbs up when the current storm is hitting the Los Blancos camp.

Many of the Bernabeu public still fully trust some of their defenders even though the figure of Ramos has left a few weeks ago. Even the storm came again when the figure of Varane, who had been Ramos’ best partner, was also rumored to be leaving.

Many predict the back line Real Madrid next season will be very porous after leaving several leaders behind. Many also say that the current Madrid defenders are not strong enough mentally. That’s because of the lack of flying hours that have been obtained so far.

But on the other hand, if you think about it more deeply, of course, the departure of the figure of Ramos has its own good side. Media inter303 reported that the figures of Sergio Ramos and Varane were no longer young, namely all three heads. Therefore, it will not be possible for a club like Los Blancos to rely too much on senior players who will slowly but surely experience a decline.

Touching the Los Blancos Back Line When Varane Also Stopped

If a little wishful thinking, then the thing that has been feared by most Los Blancos fans will soon be realized. Some of these fears include the strong news that Raphael Varane is reportedly leaving. The reason is that the player from France is reportedly looking for new experiences that he has not achieved so far.

Therefore, Madrid must be mentally prepared when several of its pillars have to leave one by one in this summer’s transfer window. It could be that this will indeed be the last season for a Early which is currently in negotiations with several English clubs.

As a Madrid fan, of course, I was quite panicked to see the condition of his defender who was increasingly thinning because he came out. But on the other hand, many also think that Madrid’s central defenders are still quite capable even though Ramos and Varane left this summer.

If you feel a little about the strength of Madrid’s central defenders, it is likely that the figures of Nacho and Militao will remain the main choices for Carlo Ancelotti. In this case, Nacho seems to be the new leader in Los Blancos’ back row for the upcoming season. Madrid’s central defender is also quite complete. There is a figure of Militao who was able to perform well with the Brazilian national team some time ago in the Copa America.

Madrid Central Defender Stock Now Only Three Players

Please note that the stock of Real Madrid defender who plays as a stopper is now only three players. The three players, namely Nacho, Vallejo, and Militao, are likely to be a little overwhelmed.

But keep in mind also that the Madrid squad still has the figure of Alaba even though his original position is not a stopper. Although not his original position, there is nothing wrong with Ancelotti as a coach occasionally trying to install David Alaba in the center back sector. This is of course for the sake of rotation.

In this case, it is true that the Madrid defender this season is quite risky if the figure of Varane really leaves the white team of Los Blancos. But if this is not done, then the regeneration of players who have been programmed by Perez as president will experience a bit of a bottleneck.

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