Two Persipura Jayapura Officials Leave, Why? – Asia Despatch

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Two retainers of Persipura Jayapura leave, why? – Persipura Jayapura was hit by bad news in the midst of their preparations ahead of the start of League 1. This is because two legendary players, Boaz Solossa and Yustinus Pae have been officially removed from the club by the management.

Boaz Solossa . Career Journey

Boaz Solossa started his career as a footballer from his hometown club, Persiss Sorong in 1998. Furthermore, the former captain of the Indonesian national team continued his career and was selected to be a Papuan PON 2003 player.

Thanks to his shrewdness and very sharp goal instinct, he was called by the former national team coach, Peter White. The striker, who was born in Sorong, is the youngest player at the age of 18.

He made his debut with the Garuda squad in March 2004 against Turkmenistan. Unfortunately, the Indonesian national team was not able to speak much at the World Cup Qualification event with a final score of 3-1.

Until now the striker has pocketed a total of 48 caps with the Indonesian national team. Not only that, he has created a total of 13 goals. Can’t forget his goal against Uruguay in a test match in 2010.

The player who is familiarly called Kaka Bochi successfully netted the ball and made the national team 1-0. Even though the Uruguay national team at that time had just finished the 2010 World Cup by becoming the fourth champion.

His career with Persipura Jayapura began in 2002 where the player played for the junior team. The striker, who is familiar with the number 86 jersey, was promoted to the first team in the 2004/2005 season.

His name then increasingly skyrocketed. In the 2008/2009 season he was entitled to an individual award as the Indonesia Super League’s top scorer. A total of 28 successful goals were created.

After that he has twice been re-elected as the league’s top scorer. The 2010/2011 and 2012/2013 seasons were his best seasons as a footballer. Speaking of team titles, he has won the league four times, namely in 2005, 2009, 2011 and 2013.

Justinus Pae’s Career

The second senior player who was removed by the Persipura team was 38-year-old right-back Yustinus Pae. The living legend of Mutiara Hitam started his career as a soccer player for the Persipura Jayapura junior team since 1995.

The player who is familiarly called Tipa has spent most of his career at Persipura Jayapura. Until his contract was terminated a few days ago, the player had never played for another club.

Together with Boaz Solossa, the Jayapura-born full-back has won the domestic league title four times with Persipura Jayapura. He was also asked to be the vice-captain where Boaz Solossa was the main captain.

Together Indonesian National team, Tipa has a record of six times defending the Garuda squad. His first debut was played in 2013 ago in a friendly match against neighboring countries, the Philippines.

His last match was played in the World Cup Qualification tournament when he met Thailand in 2019. Where he played full time by being installed as a right wing-back.

Reason for being removed from Persipura Jayapura

Talking about the reason for the dismissal of the two living legends of Persipura Jayapura, the team representative has explained the reason. It was reported that disciplinary reasons were the main reason Boaz Solossa and Yustinus Pae had their contracts terminated.

The coach, Jacksen Ferreira Tiago, who was questioned, explained that he did not want to explain about the disciplinary action. The Brazilian tactician even gave advice to directly ask the two players.

Jackson Ferreira Tiago also still does not know about a suitable replacement for Boaz Solossa. He said that there was no player who could replace Boaz’s role at the club Persipura Jayapura. Regarding the change in players, the coach indicated that there was no significant change.

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