Uncovering the Mary Rose’s ethnically diverse crew – Asia Despatch

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Archaeologists have been revealing the ethnic diversity of the crew on the Mary Rose using remains from the warship.

The ship sank in 1545, but the wreck, 19,000 artefacts and the remains of 179 crew members were recovered in 1982.

Cardiff University has been analysing the bones to find out their origins and they believe some sailors may have come from as far as southern Europe and Africa.

“This is the first evidence we have for a second-generation, or further down the line, black sailor on Henry VIII’s flagship,” said Jessica Scorrer of Cardiff University.

Dr Richard Madgwick said being able to bring back to life those “marginalised in society” and “marginalised in historical record” was “extra special”.

“It paints a picture of a much more diverse navy and Tudor society than people would probably expect,” he added.

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