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Unexpectedly the Turkish national team beat the Wales national team

AsiaDespatch.org – The Turkish national team could not do much when they played their second match at EURO 2020. The reason was that the squad strengthened by Burak Yilmaz had to be defeated by a score of 2-0 against their opponent, Wales.

Whereas previously the team that came from the land of the two continents was so highly favored to be able to go far. This is due to their successful achievements in two titles, namely the World Cup qualification and the last EURO.

Where the team nicknamed Ay-Yıldızlılar succeeded in defeating the Dutch national team with a score of 4-2 in the World Cup qualifying match. Then in the EURO qualifiers in 2019 they managed to become runners up by conceding only three goals.

Like an anomaly, the things this team did in the qualifiers then turned around in the tournament EURO 2020. They have conceded five goals in two games without conceding a single goal.

Match Stats

Turkey vs Wales played in a neutral stadium namely the Baku Olympic Stadium in Azerbaijan. However, the Turkish national team was mostly supported by the majority of the spectators who attended because Azerbaijan was their neighbour.

However, this is not a guarantee for this team to be able to win the match. Playing dominating since the first half whistle blew, the Turkish national team had a very difficult time breaking through the defense Wales National Team.

According to statistics, Senol Gunes’ squad leads 64 percent compared to 36 percent in the possession factor. Meanwhile, from the number of shots on the second goal, the Wales national team threatened more with seven shots compared to six.

Bale misses penalty shootout

Ryan Giggs’ squad is more threatening his opponent through counter-attack schemes. Disaster began to haunt Ay-Yıldızlılar’s squad as the first half was about to end in three minutes of normal time.

Juventus Midfielder, Aaron Ramsey succeeded in breaking into the Turkish national team’s goal which was escorted by Ugurcan Cakir. Gareth Bale who is quite observant in seeing the movement of the midfielder is able to make a very slick stomach bait.

The ball was successfully controlled by the former Arsenal midfielder and shot straight into the enemy’s goal. The goalkeeper on duty was unable to stem the pace of the ball and managed to break into the net. The position became 1-0 and lasted until the first half was over.

The second half began, both teams continued to insist on showing their impressive game. Burak Yilmaz and his friends kept pounding their opponent’s defenses but never found a goal.

Exactly in the 55th minute, striker LOSC Lille it got its golden opportunity. Starting from chaos in the penalty box, an imperfect header from the Wales defender even led to him. His position in the goal mouth made the striker immediately kick the ball towards the goal. But the kick was even soared.

In the 57th minute, a golden opportunity was obtained by a squad nicknamed The Dragon. Arthur Dias, the referee in charge of pointing to the spot after Zeki Celik violated Gareth Bale in his own team’s penalty box. Tottenham’s loan winger was also the one who acted as an executioner but his shot also went wide.

Bale makes up for his failure with an assist

The game’s final goal came in the seconds before the game ended through the feet of Swansea City’s right-back, Connor Roberts. Again, Gareth Bale was the initiator of the attack. The 31-year-old winger moved from the right and managed to get past the enemy defenders.

Well -controlled Connor Roberts immediately looked for the best position to get the bait from the winger. After getting the right position, the ball was directed at him and the last goal was created.

The position became 0-2, Turkey National Team who were unable to win in these two matches were bottom of group A. While Aaron Ramsey and his friends trailed the Italian national team in second place in group A.

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