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United City vs Beijing Guoan Prediction June 26, 2021

AsiaDespatch.orgUnited City will host Beijing Guoan in the first round of the AFC Champions League Group I 2020/21, Saturday (26/6/21) at Bunyodkor Stadium. Being able to do better in the group phase turned out to make United City from the Philippines will face a new test. Besides, the Beijing Guoan team certainly has more power after being able to win in the local league.

Although the United City team has not measured their strength, they are a consistent candidate for local league champions. So maybe for a team like Beijing Guoan, they would be quite a troublesome opponent.

So far, the meeting between clubs has never happened. However, when viewed from the power mapping, it seems that Beijing Guoan is more promising.

Because the regulation of league matches in the Philippines is less than that in China. As a local club, Beijing Guoan has a tougher test because it has to face 15 teams.

Meanwhile, United City from the Philippines has only played less than 7 teams. Of course, in terms of the quality of the Beijing Guoan team, it was more tested with a tight schedule.

Especially in 2021, the Beijing Guoan team has carried out several league agendas. Because the Chinese league itself has just entered a new season.

So it is natural that the Beijing Guoan team is more prepared than United City. Moreover, the Beijing Guoan team just got their victory last month during the CFA Super League.

United City vs Beijing Guoan Prediction June 26, 2021
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Of course the target for a team like Beijing Guoan was to avoid defeat. Winning would be a bonus thing, but the most important thing is to learn the strength of his opponents in this group I.

They are able to take samples from international events between countries. Where the Chinese national team is able to be superior to the Philippine national team.

So if you look at the physical strength, it seems that Beijing Guoan is more superior. Although it is said that the quality of a club will be relatively different from the quality of the national team.

But the quality of the group itself is more advantageous because of the presence of foreign players who add to the strength of the club itself. The Beijing Guoan team itself has foreign players from Latin America who add to its strength.

Up front they have Cedric Bakambu who is a major player in the Congo national team. Then there is Renato Augusto from Brazil who plays as an attacking midfielder.

Jonathan Viera who is a player from Spain is often in the spotlight. Plus there’s Fernando too Luca Souza from Brazil and John Hou from Norway.

It is certain that Beijing Guoan has a pretty dangerous front line. For their own back line, they use the services of a South Korean player, Min Jae Kim. So it can be said that Beijing Guoan will play very well from line to line.

When it comes to local leagues, United City is the best team. They always occupy the top rank from year to year.

When it comes to consistency, they are indeed very good at it. However, it will be a little different when talking about his actions on the international stage.

Like his fate in the AFC last year where they have not reaped success. This time they will start their international exams again when they face Beijing Guoan.

Several foreign players who fill the front and center line is one proof of their strength. It seems that United City is not a club that gives up easily.

United City vs Beijing Guoan Prediction June 26, 2021
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When viewed from the credibility of the two clubs, of course, Beijing Guoan is slightly more favored. Moreover, they have more foreign players than the home team. It seems that Beijing Guoan is predictable online soccer betting site will win narrowly.

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Estimated line-up for United City vs Beijing Guoan:

(United City) : R. Müller; Super, D. Villanueva, S. Kane, Manuel Ott, T. Odawara, S. Schröck, J. Porteria, Bienve, H. Minegishi, R. Lopez.

Manager: R. Vidaković.

(Beijing Guoan) : Hou Sen; Yu Dabao, Li Lei, Yang Fan, Zhang Xizhe, Li Ke, Lucas Souza, Chi Zhongguo, Gao Tianyi, C. Bakambu, Zhang Yuning.

Manager: S. Bilic.

Here are the statistics for the two teams below:
  • H2H United City vs Beijing Guoan


  • United City’s last 5 matches
09/11/20 PFL United City 1-2 So.
06/11/20 PFL United City 7-1 Stallion
03/11/20 PFL Maharlika 0-10 United City
31/10/20 PFL Mendiola 0-6 United City
28/10/20 PFL United City 1-0 Azkals
  • Beijing Guoan’s Last 5 Matches
24/06/21 CSL Beijing Guoan PSTP Tianjin Tigers
10/05/21 CSL Wuhan FC 0-2 Beijing Guoan
04/05/21 CSL Beijing Guoan 2-0 Dalian Pro
28/04/21 CSL Shanghai Port 3-1 Beijing Guoan
23/04/21 CSL Shanghai Shenhua 2-1 Beijing Guoan

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