Unmitigated, Persis Solo President Seeks First Victory in Solo Mayor’s Cup – Asia Despatch

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Unmitigated, Persis Solo President Seeks First Victory in Solo Mayor's Cup

AsiaDespatch.org – Persis Solo even though they live in Liga 2, but this does not prevent them from continuing to buy players. Some time ago, of course, many people knew that troops Just Solo never stop in matters of the transfer market. Because the various movements and stretches of the transfer market continue to be turbulent in the current Persis camp.

Various top and well-known players both local and foreign have landed smoothly in the arms of this proud club of Solo residents. Practically at this time Persis Solo is quite the center of attention of many media crews thanks to the glamorous style shown when shopping for players on a large scale some time ago.

Solo Mayor Cup Coming Soon

It does not feel like the Solo Mayor’s Cup will soon be held, more precisely next week. Suddenly, this was greeted with joy by all the people of the country because the Indonesian people were very thirsty for football entertainment. So many predict that the event held by the Mayor of Solo will be very crowded when it starts.

Because several top and well-known clubs were also present and enlivened this pre-season competition. Not only club Indonesian League 1 Of course, several giant League 2 clubs also participated in this competition. One of the giants of Liga 2 which is now a byword among the general public is Persis Solo.

President Persis Solo Directly Aims for First Victory

There are so many who think that the Persis Solo troops will be able to show their fangs when this preseason is held. The reason is the troops from Persis Solo are in peak performance after some time ago incised positive results in the test match.

Not only that, even at this time the Mayor’s Cup pre-season event seems to be a bit profitable for the Persis Solo camp. This is because this match and match will certainly be held in Solo, which is the home or home of the Persis troops. Practically, this seems to have made the Persis Solo team’s mentality to play even more and have the opportunity to be impressive.

In addition, it should also be noted that the Persis Solo troops will play their inaugural party in this event, which is next week. So practically there are more or less preparations for Persis Solo at this time there are about three days left and must be used as well as possible. So that when the preparations are solid, it is very likely that the Persis Solo troops will be able to appear strong.

It should also be noted that the Persis troops will have their initial match against another strong League 2 team, namely PSG Pati. In this case, beating PSG Pati is not an easy matter considering this club is also on the rise.

But the club president of Persis’s squad is Kaesang Pangarep finally some time ago also commented on his team. The club president is of the opinion that Persis is very confident and optimistic in welcoming the pre-season event held by the Mayor of Solo. Even unmitigated, Kaesang Pangarep immediately set a target, namely aiming for his first win against PSG Pati.

What is Persis Solo’s Chance in the Solo Mayor’s Cup?

There are so many who question what the chances of Persis Solo are regarding the implementation of the Mayor’s Cup which will soon be held. Looking at the material of very capable players, it is not impossible that the Persis Solo troops will later show their tajir in this event. So when talking about opportunities, of course, the opportunities for Persis Solo troops to talk a lot in this event are quite wide.

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