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Uruguay Supporters It's Time for Uruguay to Regenerate Players

AsiaDespatch.org – Uruguay is still struggling with the various problems that are currently happening to it. In fact, many argue that many Uruguayan players are quite annoyed and frustrated about the results of their performances in the event America’s Cup 2021 this.

It’s natural that many are disappointed with Uruguay’s results because Suarez and his friends again sluggish in the second match. Practically these results at the same time make the chances of Uruguay to escape getting smaller. So suddenly it made the fans and supporters of Uruguay joined to pour their anger some time ago.

Many Uruguayan fans and supporters are pressing and demanding the Uruguay coach to take steps to bring change. Until now the stronghold Uruguay being in a precarious situation, especially the position of the main coach.

There seem to be a lot of people who think that the next match will be an interesting betting arena for the coach. If it is still sluggish in the next match, it is not impossible that the Uruguay coach will soon be kicked out by the management. Currently the focus of the Uruguayan troops is to get up immediately and seek opportunities to qualify for the next round.

Uruguay intends to bounce back as soon as possible

It seems that the troops from Uruguay do not want their team to continue to be in pain after the negative results in two matches. The reason is regretting what happened in the past is a futile thing for the Uruguayan camp because it will not change anything. So now there is only one choice, namely to immediately make changes and get up.

Several preparations and strategies have reportedly been prepared by the coaches so that the game from Uruguay is more varied. In this case the Uruguayan troops must immediately improve coordination between lines, especially in the middle row. The reason is that many think that the middle row from Uruguay still looks messy and untidy.

Not only the middle, Uruguayan troops are also still very weak when carrying out and building attacks from the flank. The wingers from Uruguay also seem to rarely make a mature pass or cross to their strikers. Whereas up front, the Uruguayan troops already have a very terrible striker duo if they get a chance.

However, because the supply of balls and forward passes is very rare, it is not surprising that Suarez and Cavani can not be fierce in front of goal. Therefore, it is unfair to unilaterally blame a Cavani and Suarez in front.

Uruguay Supporters Vote for Uruguay for Regeneration

Following up on the negative results obtained by Uruguay, it seems that this happened not without reason. The difficulty of scoring goals is of course an error regarding the coordination that is built when making the transition from defense to attack. In this case, there are many who think that the Uruguay midfielders are still far from the expectations of the audience.

Not only that, Uruguay national team also seems constrained regarding the stamina and physical punggawanya. This incident was seen when the Uruguayan troops always relaxed their attacks when they had entered half of the second half.

Practically Uruguay’s attack in the second half always looks rushed and the players’ physical appearance seems increasingly depleted. Therefore, there are currently a lot of Uruguayan supporters who think that it is time for their favorite team to regenerate.

This is because there are many pillar players of Uruguay who are now in their old age, namely the head of three. So it is not surprising that many Uruguayan players are easily tired and sluggish on the gridiron.

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