Vegalta Sendai vs Urawa Reds Prediction July 3, 2021 – Asia Despatch

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Vegalta Sendai vs Urawa Reds Prediction July 3, 2021

AsiaDespatch.orgVegalta Sendai will face Urawa Reds in the 21st round of the J1 League Japan 2020/21, Saturday (3/7/21) at the headquarters Sandai Yurtec Stadium. As a top team, of course, the main target of Urawa Reds is to continue to fight for the best position. Meanwhile, the struggle was carried out by Vegalta Sendai even though they focused on getting out of the relegation red zone.

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In addition to having to collect more points, in fact Urawa Reds also have to maintain their position. It should be noted that the closer you get to the top, the tougher the competition, especially for the teams that are in the top 10.

It can be seen from the standings that until the top 10 only a few teams only have a thin difference in points. So it can be said that Urawa Reds themselves must continue to struggle to avoid small results.

Victory is an absolute thing which certainly means a lot to every team, including the Urawa Reds team itself. A draw is the worst thing, let alone losing.

Whatever the effort, of course, Urawa Reds want to continue to get three points. So far, they haven’t been consistent.

For the last five games, Urawa Reds only have two wins. They are still looking for a win after being able to improve again in the last two matches.

But before that Urawa Reds themselves had to fight hard when they were unable to beat the mediocre team and instead lost 3-0.

Vegalta Sendai vs Urawa Reds Prediction July 3, 2021
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Of course, it was a hard blow for Urawa Reds coach Ricardo Rodriguez when his team lost to mediocre Shonan Bellmare team. Moreover, the defeat was quite embarrassing, namely 3-0.

When they lost, it seemed that Urawa Reds were unable to match the ingenuity of the team who always used the defensive strategy. Fortunately the next two games were easy matches so they could catch up with the points.

In the last two matches, it is clear that Urawa Reds really enjoyed their victory. However, the problem is when facing mediocre teams who are often dominated by defense strategies such as Shonan Bellmare.

Now they will face one of the mediocre teams at the bottom. Of course, the Urawa Reds themselves must learn from their fatal mistake when underestimating the enemy’s strength.

Looking at his recent efforts it seems Urawa Reds trying hard to correct mistakes. In the two matches they have gone through, Urawa Reds themselves have gradually improved their strategy pattern.

Their coach seems able to create a strategy that is quite suitable for his players. Their defensive line was able to work better.

There are four defenders who have a high rating in their average game. Of course, the Urawa Reds still have a long way to go and they will continue to improve.

The test of avoiding defeat seems quite difficult for Vegalta Sendai. In the last match alone they had to experience another defeat against Shimizu 3-2.

Whereas previously they were able to get two wins and two draws. However, it seems that Vegalta Sendai’s struggle is still not optimal.

Vegalta Sendai needs to play consistently if they want to avoid the relegation point. Vegalta Sendai itself has more or less 21 matches remaining. That long period of time should be enough for them to fix their weak points.

Vegalta Sendai vs Urawa Reds Prediction July 3, 2021

Despite facing a mediocre team in the relegation zone, Urawa Reds seems to be learning from past mistakes. They will certainly maximize the potential and opportunities that exist. In this match Urawa Reds is predicted judi slot online will win easily.

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Estimated Lineup of Vegalta Sendai vs Urawa Reds:

(Vegalta Sendai) : J. Slowik; Y. Hiraoka, K. Yoshino, K. Hachisuka, H. Teruyama, T. Mase, S. Nakahara, R. Uehara, R. Kida, C. Kato, T. Nishimura.

Manager: M. Teguramori.

(Urawa Reds) : S. Nishikawa; T. Makino, D. Nishi, T. Iwanami, T. Tanaka, K. Shibato, Y. Koizumi, T. Okubo, T. Akimoto, A. Ito, K. Junker.

Manager: Ricardo Rodríguez.

Here are the statistics for the two teams below:
  • H2H Vegalta Sendai vs Urawa Reds
09/05/21 J1L Urawa Reds 2-0 Vegalta Sendai
18/10/20 J1L Urawa Reds 6-0 Vegalta Sendai
08/07/20 J1L Vegalta Sendai 1-2 Urawa Reds
16/02/20 JC Urawa Reds 5-2 Vegalta Sendai
06/07/19 J1L Urawa Reds 1-0 Vegalta Sendai
  • Vegalta Sendai’s Last 5 Matches
23/06/21 J1L Vegalta Sendai 2-3 Shimizu S-Pulse
20/06/21 J1L Kashima Antlers 1-1 Vegalta Sendai
09/06/21 EMC Vegalta Sendai 0-1 Morioka Crane
30/05/21 J1L Vegalta Sendai 1-1 Cherry Osaka
26/05/21 J1L Nagoya Grampus 0-1 Vegalta Sendai
  • Last 5 matches of Urawa Reds
27/06/21 J1L Urawa Reds 2-0 Fukuoka Wasp
23/06/21 J1L Kashiwa Reysol 0-2 Urawa Reds
20/06/21 J1L Urawa Reds 2-3 Shonan Bellmare
13/06/21 JC Urawa Reds 2-2 Vissel Kobe
09/06/21 EMC Urawa Reds 1-0 Kataller Toyama

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