Vissel Kobe vs Tokushima Vortis Prediction, the Away Team Trying to Start the Resurrection – Asia Despatch

  • Share – The third round of the prestigious event in Japan, namely the Emperor Cup, is currently being rolled out again, more precisely this week. The match that will be rolling is a hot match between Vissel Kobe vs Tokushima Vortis which is expected to be very fierce.

The duel between Kobe and Vortis is scheduled to be held on Wednesday 07 July 2021 live at 16.00 at Misaki Park Stadium. There’s practically only one day left before these two Japanese giants clash and meet at the event Emperor Cup.

In addition, the match is getting more interesting because the two Japanese giants are in much different conditions. The host Kobe in this case has the advantage because a good record is covering their stronghold. Meanwhile, the visitors are struggling with the uncertainty and turmoil that has occurred in the Vortis camp. Practically, the match against Kobe will most likely be used as a revival event for the Tokushima Vortis troops.

Host Kobe with a slick record

The host’s fort Vissel Kobe seems a little more flexible because mentally this team is at its peak. Even in the last five matches, Vissel Kobe’s troops have not lost at all.

This is also proof that the superiority of Vissel Kobe’s troops cannot be doubted. Not only that, the style of play and strategy shown by Vissel Kobe’s troops is very difficult to predict in every match. Because the attack strategy applied by the Vissel Kobe troops is quite varied and often changes depending on the needs of the team.

Practically the visitors must be more careful considering the current Vissel Kobe stronghold is very complete. The superiority of the Vissel Kobe camp was also proven when this team managed to win four of the five matches it had played. Therefore, Vissel Kobe seemed more enthusiastic and wanted to maintain this slick record.

The Away Team Must Get Up Immediately Segera

Talking about the guest camp Tokushima VortisOf course, this club is going through a very difficult phase. This is because the Japanese team must be willing to look bad and inconsistent in their last five matches that have been run. This is because Tokushima Vortis players often find it difficult to build neat and tidy attacks. Therefore, it is not surprising that this club is in 15th place in the Japanese League standings.

In this case, inevitably the Tokushima Vortis troops must be able to immediately show the beginning of the awakening. The reason is that if you don’t get up soon, then the opportunity to talk a lot at the Emperor Cup event seems to be buried soon.

Therefore, in this Vissel Kobe vs Tokushima Vortis match, the visiting team will try to make the party a stepping stone. The hope of the Tokushima Vortis troops is of course to achieve maximum results and be able to move from their current slump.

Prediction of Scores and Matches

In this match, it is expected that there will be a very interesting duel, especially in the front row of Kobe and Vortis. There are two outstanding players from both camps who have the potential to be different, namely Furuhashi from Kobe, and Miyashiro from the Vortis camp.

It is estimated that in this party the two Japanese forwards will look impressive and attract a lot of public attention. But when it comes to the score, of course, the host Vissel Kobe is still far more superior in the market market online gambling. Many predict that the Vissel Kobe vs Tokushima Vortis match will be won by the host Kobe with score 2 – 0.

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