Waiting for the Dream Copa America Final, Brazil vs Argentina is getting closer – Asia Despatch

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AsiaDespatch.org – Every competition has its own dream final, and in the Copa América, Argentina vs Brazil is his dream final. The Copa América has now entered the semifinal stage with Brazil and Argentina still participating. That means, the chance to see the dream final between the two countries is getting bigger.

The Chance of the Final Dream is getting bigger

Tournament America Cup I don’t feel like I’ve almost entered the final party, namely the final. The competition, which was originally attended by ten participants, has now entered the semifinals. Four countries still survive in this phase, including Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Colombia.

Every competition, whether it’s an inter-club competition, or a competition between countries, must have the dream final of each fan. The Copa América also does not miss having a dream final. The fans’ dream final is a match between two teams that both dominate the tournament, Argentina and Brazil.

The duel between Argentina and Brazil is one of the classic duels in any international tournament. The two South American countries are eternal rivals, and they have the potential to meet in the final round. The chance for Argentina and Brazil to meet is getting bigger because in the semifinals, they will not face each other directly.

Brazil, which has dominated since the start of the tournament until now, will meet Peru, the country they defeated in the final of the previous edition of the Copa América. Argentina on the other hand will also meet opponents who will not be easy to beat. Lionel Scaloni’s troops will challenge Colombia, just a day after the Brazil vs Peru match.

Fight Two Copa América Giants

As already mentioned, the one thing that makes the party Argentina vs Brazil The highly anticipated is because the trips of the two countries are similar in the 2021 Copa América. Brazil as the defending champion of this tournament is so dominant in Group B. With 10 points from the four matches played, Brazil qualified for the quarter-finals with the status of group winners.

Meanwhile, Argentina also got the same title, but they ended the group phase on a better note. La Albiceleste could only draw in the opening match of Group A against Chile. But in the last three matches, Lionel Messi CS managed to clear all matches with a win to finish as winners of Group A.

Continuing to the quarter-finals, Argentina and Brazil are still too strong for other countries who are trying to stop their progress. Brazil managed to overcome the resistance of Chile, although only with a narrow 1-0 victory. Argentina meanwhile feasted on a three-goal unanswered win against Ecuador.

The Prestige Competition and the Reunion of Messi – Neymar

One other thing that makes many people yearn for the final between Brazil and Argentina is the duel between the two best players throughout the tournament, Neymar and Messi. In the Copa América, both names shined together. Messi helped Argentina to the semifinals, as well as Neymar who helped Brazil to the last four.

If the Copa América final really brings Brazil and Argentina together, then Messi will be reunited with his former Barcelona team-mates. Only, this time, they would not meet as friends, but foes. The two will also compete for the status of the best player in the Copa América in the upcoming final.

Don’t underestimate the semifinals

Now, there are indeed many football lovers who hope that the Copa América final will feature Argentina vs Brazil. Even so, Brazil and Argentina should also not underestimate their opponents in the semifinals. Argentina clearly have to get rid of Colombia first. While Brazil has ensured themselves advanced to the final with a narrow 1-0 win over Peru.

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