Want to be promoted to League 1, Solo will bring in quality players, anyone – Asia Despatch

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Want to be promoted to League 1, Solo will bring in quality players, anyone

AsiaDespatch.org – Exactly Solo this season will play on the scene League 2. Various preparations are also being made by the team nicknamed Laskar Sambernyawa. One of them is the purchase of players to strengthen the team.

Seven Players Make Attack Lines Exactly Crowded

Previously there had been several players who were close to the city of Solo. Like imitating Barcelona, ​​the majority of the players who join play in the attacking sector. Beto Goncalves, Assanur Rijal Torres, and Marinus Wanewar have already joined.

Beto Goncalves brought from Madura United on a free transfer after his contract expired at the club. While the other names, Assanur Rijal, were recruited by a team from Persiraja Banda Aceh and Marinus Wanewar from Persipura Jayapura.

In addition to the three names, there is also the name of another striker who has just been landed by Persis Solo management. They are a 17-year-old striker under the guidance of Garuda Select, Wahyu Agung and a former striker for Sriwijaya FC, Agi Pratama.

With the arrival of the five attackers mentioned above, the management of Laskar Sambernyawa has not been complacent. They brought back former PSM Makassar and Persib Bandung attackers, Ferdinand Sinaga.

Meanwhile, the striker has not been officially introduced to the public. However, it is predicted that it is only a matter of time for the 32-year-old striker to be announced his arrival.

By joining the last name, Persis Solo’s attack line will be filled with seven pure strikers. These names have not been included with other players who play as wingers. If all are added up, there will be 12 players who will fill the attack line.

Two More Players Who Will Be Uniforms Just Solo

It turns out that the directors of the club from Central Java are not only thinking about the attacker. The management also brought in a player who plays as an attacking midfielder, Khairallah Abdelkbir. The 37-year-old player is the second naturalized player to be brought in by Persis Solo. Previously there was the name of a 40-year-old veteran striker, Beto Goncalves.

Khairallah Abdelkbir was naturalized from a Moroccan citizen to Indonesian last March. Meanwhile, with his age approaching the head of four, the experience of the player is not in doubt.

He has experience in playing in Africa. Two teams from different leagues have been strengthened by the attacking midfielder. Wydad Fes from the Moroccan league and Etoile Sportive Metlaoui who played in the Tunisian league he had strengthened.

Meanwhile, for the experience of playing in Indonesia, Khairallah Abdelkbir has also been in uniform for two Indonesian clubs. The club is Madura United and Bhayangkara FC which he strengthened in 2017 and 2016, respectively.

Previously, this Moroccan-born player was first contacted by PSM Makassar management. He was also asked to attend the trial of the club from South Sulawesi. However, the player prefers to leave for the city of Solo because he wants clarity in playing.

Apart from the attacking midfielder, Just Solo is also in negotiations with players who play as central defenders. The player is Fabiano Beltrame, who has just terminated his contract with PS Sleman. That means there are already three players with naturalized status who have joined.

His former club, nicknamed the Javanese Eagle, has also confirmed the termination of the Brazilian-blooded player’s contract. But the same as Ferdinand Sinaga, the 38-year-old defender has not been officially announced by the club.

With the signing of several veteran players of comparable quality, the club has shown their seriousness. The goal of promotion to Liga 1 is Laskar Sambernyawa’s priority for this season.

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