Winning in the first match, the English national team broke the EURO record – Asia Despatch

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Winning in the first match, the English national team broke the EURO record – The England squad met the 2018 World Cup runners-up, Croatia in the first match EURO 2020. In the match played at Wembley Stadium, Gareth Southgate’s men were able to pick full points.

Revenge Match

The inaugural group D match was also shrouded in revenge by The Three Lions squad. Where in the last World Cup tournament, the semifinal phase of the two teams had previously met. The Croatian national team, which is still reinforced by Ivan Rakitic, successfully silenced the English national team with a score of 2-1.

The Three Lions squad also had to settle for only being the fourth winner at the World Cup. Because they are powerless to face the Belgian national team in the competition for third place. Thomas Meunier’s double and Eden Hazard closed the team’s hopes to finish in third place.

Luckily they were able to avenge the revenge that had been buried for about three years. Raheem Sterling’s single goal successfully brought his country to pocket its first three points in the EURO 2020 arena.

Right in the 57th minute the winger who is now playing with Manchester City made the only goal in the match. The goal was created through the creation of a counter-attack which was initiated by Calvin Phillips.

The England midfielder was very observant in placing the ball towards the winger, Raheem Sterling. The 25-year-old defensive midfielder managed to make one assist and his bait was converted into a goal by Raheem Sterling.

Record Breaking

In addition to completing his revenge, England National Team also managed to break the record that is never won in the inaugural match. Since participating in the EURO event in the 1968 edition, the Three Lions squad has never won once.

The team from the British Isles have only won five draws and lost four games. At their last EURO event, in the 2016 edition in France, they only drew against Russia.

During that match, Eric Dier, who had scored since the 73rd minute, had to end the match disappointed. Because at the end of the match, former Russian defender Vasili Berezutski managed to make the position a draw in the 90+2 minute.

However, after meeting victory in the opening match of Group D yesterday, the English national team decided against this bad record. Furthermore, the Three Lions squad still has to meet two more opponents, namely the Czechs and Scotland.

Gareth Southgate’s Selection

the coach, Gareth Southgate made a commotion British football lovers over the selection of players. Kieran Trippier, who originally played as a right-back, was instead placed as a left-back. While his left back, Luke Shaw who is ready to play instead just sits on the bench.

Even in the double pivot position where Liverpool captain, Jordan Henderson is predicted to appear from the first minute instead of playing. The tactician instead chose Calvin Philips who was placed in that position.

However, the midfielder, who is now in Leeds United’s uniform, has succeeded in breaking the bad view of England supporters. Because he played an important role in the goals created by Raheem Sterling in that match.

He also successfully secured the midfield of the Three Lions squad and played very well. The stability between the defense and the offensive line of the team he was responsible for was successfully carried out perfectly.

The last position that is no less disturbing is Raheem Sterling, who is played on the wing. Even though the winger’s quality of play is experiencing a decline at his club Manchester City.

But the last name succeeded in silencing all bad expectations from his fans. Evidently the 26-year-old winger was chosen as the best player in the match against Croatia thanks to the only goal created by him.

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